According to reports, California is seeing a statewide struggle as a shortfall in local delivery efforts to meet the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Several counties, including Los Angeles County, have seen vaccines shrink over the past few weeks. Some have made their appointment for the first shot canceled as a result of supply issues, According to the LA Times.

“Vaccine supplies, we accept, are going to be our rate-limiting steps,” said California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tuesday. Mark Cheeky said. “We always hope for more, we continue to work with the federal administration to push for more, but this will be one of our biggest challenges.”

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California officials say the state is on track with its distribution schedule, even admitting the state is lacking.

“California will have 4 million vaccines on Friday, more than 1 million by any state,” COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force senior communications consultant Darrell Ng told Granthshala News. On behalf of the administration of Gov. Gavin Newsom. “The state has only administered 1 million vaccines in the past week, more than 40 states have ever administered each. According to Bloomberg Tracker data (expected to compare apples to apples), California 50% Is administering more vaccines. Next St. State (Texas), and Texas is only 33% smaller than California. “

“The number 1 factor in counties is not vaccines, there is a shortage of vaccines in the country,” Ng said. “This is not a criticism of any one party, but the reality of every county, state and country.”

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California initially followed a plan outlined by federal health experts, prioritizing nursing home residents and health care workers, but found itself trailing in states such as South Dakota, West Virginia, Texas, and Florida.

California has injected some 3.45 million – in any state of the country – but recent weeks have seen it Ranked lowest per person In vaccinating its population.

California is home to approximately 39.5 million residents. According to The New York Times, not all of the state’s population is eligible for the vaccine, but also that the younger population has seen only about 7% of the first dose and only 1.6% of the second dose.

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San Diego County has had to limit itself to 10,000 doses a day, which is half the amount the county is capable of, The Times of San Diego reported.

“The problem we have now is that our efforts have increased the supply of vaccines,” said Supervisor Nathan Fletcher of San Diego. “If they increase the supply, we are ready and ready and can ramp up quickly.”

Fletcher claimed that by mid-February, the county would be able to manage 30,000 doses a day, but that the supply was not there.

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Fresno County has been hit particularly hard, with health officials saying they have had to “stop” the first-dose clinics due to a lack of vaccines in the county, According to abc 30.

“In the next two weeks, we are doing second dose clinics at the Fairgrounds and Sierra Pacific Ortho sites,” said Fresno County Public Health Division manager Joe Prado. “There are not many additional first dose clinics we can do at this time.”

The second dose will be administered via a drive-through where possible, mostly vaccine frontline workers.

Prado said counties cannot open more clinics until they get more supplies.

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In flat numbers, while California will have 4 million vaccines by Friday, the state has the largest population of any state. Texas claimed on Thursday that it Approximately 3 million were vaccinated, Which accounts for 75% of California’s production with about 66% of the population.

use Bloomberg tracker, As Ng noted, California is lagging in per capita distribution: California has administered 10.08 vaccinations per 100, while New York has administered 10.92 per 100, Virginia has 11.12 per 100, New Mexico 14.05 per 100 and Northland has administered 15.38 per 100, per. For data. Texas is slightly behind California with only 9.68 per 100.

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“The lack of supply creates this huge demand, which creates chaos,” said Andrew Noymer, Associate Professor of Public Health at UC Irvine. “There are just layers and layers of logistic issues that we have today that were not in previous vaccination campaigns.”

Newsom has not faced any, if any high-profile criticism for the rollout, presumably because California’s rollout plan is regulated at the county level. Newsome, however, has been the target of a recall effort following continued criticism for dealing with the epidemic in his state.

The recall petition has reached 1.4 million signatures, requiring only 1.5 million to be recalled and the election to begin.