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Democratic governor challenger Kevin Pfrath in California told Granthshala News anchor Martha McCallum on “The Story” Tuesday that he expected a victory against Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election and suggested his policies were a “gross failure.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom graded by residents of San Francisco


Kevin Pfrath: I hope to win. I hope to replace Gavin Newsom because his policies have been a total failure. I consider them fly tapes on a pile of policies. He catches some flies and thinks he is successful. Big problem.

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Firstly, the lockdown is unacceptable. We need better ventilation, not a lockdown. With regard to schools, I think we really have to re-imagine our schools. The choice of school is a sign that people are disappointed with how our schools are failing. But then you have the option of crappy schools. Our schools are not good, so we have to elevate all our schools.

In my opinion, we do this by improving what we teach in schools, focusing on practical applications such as financial education and business communication skills to help eighteen year olds find careers. You don’t get it now. What you get at age eighteen is either hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans or a job with a minimum wage.

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