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California travelers who stopped by America’s most expensive gas station reacted to rising prices and more general inflation to American consumers.

“A little crazy, isn’t it?” A man traveling through Mendocino, a small coastal town in Northern California, told Granthshala News.


Another man agreed.

“It’s a problem,” he said. “The price of everything is going up.”

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Gas prices are at a 7-year high $3 per gallon level here to stay

Schlafer’s Auto Body & Repair, Mendocino’s only gas station, charged $6.74 a gallon — the highest in the country at the time of the Granthshala News interview. The average gas price in California is $4.39, a dollar higher than last year, and the national average is $3.20.

Joe, one of two employees who worked at the nearly 100-year-old independent station, told Granthshala News that the station pays a high price.

“Our quantity is very small,” he said. The employee told Granthshala News that the station is to purchase a $35,000 load in 10 days.

“If we’re paying $4 a gallon for gas, if it’s not marked up, we won’t be able to pay for it,” he said.

As of recent, nationally, prices have climbed 5.3% over the previous year and 0.3% in August consumer price index summary. Gas prices increased by 2.8% and food prices by 0.4%.

“It’s tough, it’s tough for people,” one woman told Granthshala News. “It’s hard for the elderly to afford.”

Her friend, who lives in an RV with her husband, said: “We’re on a fixed income so we don’t have money to spend like this.”

Bill Kemper has been coming to Mendocino for years.

“It’s crazy, it’s terrible, it’s not necessary,” he told Granthshala News.

“I’m retired myself so I live on a fixed income. So these things matter to me and my generation,” Kemper continued. “I worked hard, like everyone else in my position, to be able to retire, but if prices keep going up, it’s going to be very difficult for everyone in California and in the country as well.”

“It’s a bit much,” one parent told Granthshala News. “We have kids in their 20s. It’s hard for them to go to the grocery store.”

Another woman said: “It’s very difficult to get from one place to another. I spend most of my money these days on gas. Gas and food.”

Some thought President Biden was to blame.

Biden is “spending money, as we used to say when I was in the military, like a drunken sailor,” Kemper told Granthshala News. “It doesn’t matter how much he spends, he just prints more money, and taxes it more, which of course causes inflation to rise.”

RVer told Granthshala News: “It’s because of Biden. I’m not a political person, but he’s kind of a mess.”

Others felt that consumer habits were the problem.

“I think we just need to move away from oil and get more sustainable automobiles or do a lot more cycling,” one woman told Granthshala News.