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Locals in San Francisco, the hometown of Gavin Newsom, told Granthshala News what grade they would give to Democrats ahead of Tuesday’s recall election that could oust him.

Answers ranged anywhere from “A plus plus” to “F”.


“Awful,” said a local man, who gave Newsom an F. “Basically, I wasn’t working because of him.”

But one woman told Granthshala News the governor of California, a former San Francisco Meyer, deserved “a plus plus”.

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“Love him. He’s good for California,” she said. “Put Gavin Newsom, he’s the best for California.”

“He really cares about the climate,” the woman continued. “He cares about homelessness. He cares about people.”

At a rally in Long Beach on Monday night, President Biden urged voters to keep Newsom in office.

“You either have Gavin Newsom as your governor or you’ll get Donald Trump,” Biden told the crowd, referring to the leading Republican nominee, radio host Larry Elder.

Several San Franciscans brought Newsom a mask-less dinner at the French Laundry restaurant in November. Critics have argued that the governor’s COVID-19 restrictions have been unnecessarily aggressive.

When giving a D to Newsom, a local told Granthshala News, “Do as I say.”

Another person who gave Newsom an F said: “He went to this restaurant, without a mask. And then he orders.”

But a man wearing a jean jacket said, “We’re all going to be human, we’re all going to make mistakes, such a big deal.”

San Francisco, which gave Newsom a more favorable grade, cited its handling of large-scale epidemics and vaccinations.

“He did a great job with this pandemic,” a local told Granthshala News, calling the recall “BS.” Because “two million people in California decided they didn’t like the governor.”

One woman said of Newsom, “While vaccinating California, they did a really great job with it.”

But one of the men assigned to Newsom A. F. told Granthshala News: “Right now, they’re splitting the vaccine versus the unvaccinated.”

Many locals believe Newsom needs to improve its handling of homelessness and crime.

“Of course we need to look at our homelessness issue,” the man in the jean jacket told Granthshala News.

Another person agreed: “I wish the homeless problem had been much better.