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A California mother and daughter have been charged with murder two years after performing an illegal, plastic surgical procedure on a 26-year-old aspiring social media star with no apparent medical training, police sources told multiple news outlets. Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department is calling for other potential victims to come forward, as detectives have found evidence that the pair used social media to advertise their cash-based operation, in Las Vegas for a cost. Performed Brazilian butt lifts at a fraction, and possibly out of country.


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Libby Adam, 51, and her daughter, Alicia Galaz, 23, were detained in Riverside, Calif., on Aug. His arrest came two years later when the two performed a Brazilian butt lift on Karissa Rajpaul in a private. Home in Encino, Calif., reported October 15, 2019, by LAPD Detective Robert Dinlocker kcal. Rajpaul, who police say moved from South Africa to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the adult film industry, underwent two similar butt procedures before his third fatality.

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Rajpaul shared pictures on social media earlier that day showing himself lying on a medical bed. LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton reported that when complications arose, Adame and Galaz dialed 911 and left her dead. KTLA. First responders arrived and rushed Rajpaul to the hospital, where he died later that day. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office listed her death as a homicide due to acute cardiopulmonary dysfunction and intramuscular/intravascular silicone injection, KCAL reported.

“They pass themselves off as if they have the skill or expertise to perform surgery on the human body and they don’t,” Hamilton told KTLA. “They took people’s cash and we know that in some incidents this has been murder. Some of these victims have not survived these procedures and that’s what we’re seeing now.”

Detectives believe that Adam and Galaz posed as experts and injected the woman with certain ingredients used by qualified cosmetic practitioners that were mixed with other dangerous compounds that were sold at hardware stores. could be bought. Police believe some victims may not have survived, so their family members should also come forward if they know a loved one who was mutilated.

“These individuals have no medical training,” he said KABC TV separately. “They are not experienced and they are putting people’s lives at risk.”