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Getting ready for school in the morning can be a challenge, especially for large families.

Not so for the 14-member “Storm Family” in Los Angeles. Every member of the family is enrolled in school – Mom and Dad included.


Iris Purnell and Cordell “Storm” Purnell told Fox News Digital that they’ve long figured out their routines are getting ready to go from school to school — and that throwing in college classes doesn’t hinder the system they have in place. I have come

“We get ready on the Sunday before the school week starts,” Iris Purnell said during a recent phone interview.

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She added that creating weekly schedules and meal plans helps the couple keep their family on track.

Schedules keep them on track

First, the Purnells figure out who is going to drop off and pick up their kids each school day.

They then develop a cleaning and housework schedule and an itinerary that determines what their children will do once they return home.

“You don’t want kids to be passive because when they’re inactive and they don’t have any instruction, that’s when they get into stuff,” Iris Purnell said. “So, you want to make sure they always have something to do. We have a list of what needs to be done.”

Cordell said her Sunday school preparations take an entire day of careful planning.

“If you dedicate an entire day to getting everything organized, you’ll know what’s going to happen the next day, you’ve got all the information the school has to offer and you can What you need to do, like put gas in your car,” he explained.

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Cordell Purnell said that while not every detail can be predicted a full week in advance, the system works for his family.

For meals, the parents write down the meals that the family will eat throughout the week.

“My husband goes food shopping on Sundays to make sure we have everything for that week,” Iris told Fox News Digital.

Cordell and Iris Purnell completed their family with their 12th child in 2019.  The close-knit family is pictured together at the couple's vow renewal.

She said that her three children shoulder the cooking responsibilities – and they switch duties with the parents.

“I’m very, very honest and very transparent because not every big family acts the same way,” Iris said.

She admitted that some mothers have gone viral on TikTok for showing their morning meal preparation routine in which they cook breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner for their large families.

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“People think that every big family does this and that’s not true,” Iris said.

However, Purnell has opted to wake up early and start his day at 5 a.m. “We’re an athletic family,” Cordell said.

He also said, “We do our meditation and our prayers in the morning.”

When it comes to buying school supplies for the back-to-school season, Iris and Cordell Purnell have two suggestions for families both large and small.

The Purnell family is shown here.  Mom Iris Pernell (far, holding a tiny) advises waiting to buy school supplies later in the season.

One, they don’t recommend buying supplies early; And second, they recommend checking out community programs that are available after school hours for local families.

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“I think a lot of people prepare too quickly, and you end up buying things you don’t even need,” Iris told Fox News Digital.

They only buy what they need

Instead of buying fall and winter clothing before or at the start of the back-to-school season, Pernell opts to keep using her summer clothes, weather permitting. They only buy new fall and winter clothes when the weather really changes and prices go down.

Entire family including parents are enrolled in the school this year.

“Large families deal with things as they arrive and try not to prepare in advance [with back-to-school shopping] Because it creates unnecessary stress,” Cordell said.

This year, the Purnells found some neighborhood events in which school supplies were distributed for free to people in the community.

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In addition to backpacks, customizable sneakers that kids can paint on were delivered, said Iris Purnell.

Backpacks are often purchased by community groups and given to local families who need them when a new school year begins.

Cordell said he always tells parents and guardians to stay connected with their communities and local gatherings.

“That way you can get information about what’s happening in your city, which you can be a part of, either to help or benefit,” he said.

They all go to school, parents included

The proud father of 12 told Fox News Digital that he is excited to see his entire family enrolled in school this year.

“This is a big life change for us,” he said.

Pictured here are Iris and Cordell Purnell with their 10 children.  At the time, Iris was pregnant with her 11th child.  She gave birth in 2017.

Their children, Maliki, 17, Cordell Jr., 17, Janai, 15, Trinity, 13, Messiah, 12, Josiah, 11, Love, 9, Seven, 8, Michael, 6, Royal, 5, Heavenly, 4, and Hope , 3, all attend schools in North Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the parents are studying at Antelope Valley College, a two-year public community college in Lancaster, California.

Iris is majoring in Digital Media, while Cordell is majoring in Sociology. The pair said they look forward to bringing what they learned in school to The Storm family social media accounts they have on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

This is where they document snippets of their lives and promote their online merchandise store.

The couple said that their background in professional dance and the family’s physical proximity to Hollywood have inspired their children to pursue show business.

“They all have different dreams,” said Iris. “Some want to be an actor, some want to be a writer, some want to be a baker, some want to be a chef or stunt double. And some want to be a chemist.”

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The couple said they support the efforts their children want to pursue.

“You learn a skill by doing something and have a willingness to translate that skill into the skill you want to be,” Iris said. “That’s what we teach them.”

Cordell said he reminds his kids that they can combine traditional white- or blue-collar jobs with their creative hobbies. He said he refers to Fox Weather’s Nick Kosir as an example of his love of weather reporting and dancing.

“What I say to them is, ‘Whatever you’re going to be, you’re going to be able to be a great dancer. If you’re a doctor, you’re going to be known for [being] A great dance therapist,'” Cordell told Fox News Digital.

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“My kids are going to be successful no matter what,” he continued.

“They’re going to be great, they’re going to prosper and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“I’m a big fan of the family,” he said.