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California police arrested three people last week in connection with a cold case murder in San Jose two decades ago.

According to the San Jose Police Department, the victim, Nin Fei Ha, 22, was fatally stabbed in front of her apartment complex on the evening of October 31, 2001.


“This victim had just arrived at his apartment, getting out of a vehicle when he was randomly attacked,” said Sgt. Department spokesman Christian Camarillo told KGO-TV of San Francisco.

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A friend of the victim was also stabbed several times but survived. Police said the two suspects fled in an SUV, which was being driven by a third suspect.

officials said the murder was Reviewed by many detectives in the last 20 years. Clues were developed but no arrests were made.

In August, the case was handed over to the San Jose Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office cold case team, which “brought new life to the investigation,” according to police.

“Some of these witnesses were interviewed 20 years ago, who were interviewed again recently,” said Camarillo. “For whatever reason they decided to come over, provide more information which really sealed the matter.”

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Last Wednesday, police arrested three suspects, Francis Daguerre, 45, Utropio Daguerre, 47, and Gilbert Meriales, 45 — all residents of San Jose.

According to the department, he was booked in the Santa Clara County Jail on charges of murder, assault with a deadly weapon and gang raising.

Police said they informed another victim about the arrest who survived the stabbing. They are trying to trace the family of the deceased.

“We really want to find the family of this victim and let them know what the conclusion and solution of this case is,” Camarillo said, KGO TV.