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According to officials, hundreds of giant sequoias may have been burned in the Northern California wildfires.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks wrote in a Facebook post Thursday that there were some groves in the park that they suspected were burned so intensely that sequoia mortality and “possibly a significant number of trees (hundreds)”. For.”


Firefighters must use aluminum blankets to put out fires in California forests to save sequoias

“However, we are currently focused on prioritizing and treating trees that are at risk and outside the footprint of the current fire, as well as removing trees that need it. It just isn’t safe. , nor is it our current priority to fully assess trees. These trees will be fully assessed from the ground by resource managers when it is possible, but this will happen if the fire is basically cold and Let the conditions allow them to get there – likely in 2022,” officials noted.

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Head of Resource Management and Science for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Christie Brigham told reporters The news on Wednesday was “heartbreaking” and 15 giant sequoia trees in KNP Complex Park were gutted due to lightning.

Tulare County’s 85,952-acre fire was 11% under control on Friday. according to inciweb.

There are more than 2,000 firefighters battling the flames and four people were injured when a tree fell on Wednesday.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park said While the injuries of the persons were serious, the condition of all four was stable in nearby hospitals.

The effects of fire on giant sequoia trees were mixed, and Brigham said most observed the low- to moderate-intensity fire behavior that coarse-barked trees have evolved to survive.

That said, two trees containing thousands of trees were reportedly set ablaze by high-intensity fires, and two trees fell in the giant forest, which was home to General Sherman Tree.

Giant sequoia threatened by California wildfire

Fortunately, the most remarkable trees survived, and the groves were relatively intact.

Giant sequoias only grow naturally in the Sierra Nevada, can grow up to 250 feet long and live for thousands of years.

Firefighters were seen wrapping the bases of sequoias – such as General Sherman – with fire-resistant materials in addition to clearing vegetation around them, dousing some with water or fire retardant gel, or installing sprinklers.

South wind fire killed at least 74 large sequoias, says botanist Garrett Dickman told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

Dickman, who usually works in Yosemite National Park, recorded the damage as part of the Sequoia Task Force.

Firefighters fight the Windy Fire on September 19, 2021, as it burns at the Trail of 100 Giants Grove in Sequoia National Forest, Calif.  More than 2,000 firefighters were on the lines of the Windy Fire burning in the Tule River Indian Reservation and Sequoia National Forest, which also includes the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

Inkiweb showed The 97,541 acre Windy Fire was 80% controlled on Friday.

National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) said on facebook In parts of the country – except for Southern California and the northern Rockies – major fire activity was beginning to moderate – as widespread moisture this week helped firefighters reach containment goals.

Wildfires have burned nearly 6 million acres this season amid the West’s historic drought. More than 3,000 square miles have been burned in California.

Fire officials said the recent fires are more intense due to the drier underground caused by climate change-related droughts.

Scientists say climate change This has made the region hotter and drier and will continue to make the weather more extreme and wildfires more frequent and destructive.