Call for ‘buffer zones’ outside schools amid anti-vaccine protests at gates

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A Labor lawmaker has called for “buffer zones” to be set up outside schools as anti-vaccination protesters target pupils.

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Stella Creasy said that people do not have an “open, uncontested right” to impose their views on others.

Anti-vaxxers have targeted schools with protests and legal threats since the coronavirus vaccine was introduced in England for 12 to 15-year-olds.


Some anti-vaxx groups on the messaging service Telegram are mobilizing members to visit areas around schools to discuss vaccines and contact teens to spread misinformation.

Walthamstow MP Ms. Crissy told Politics Home He thought that the government should take measures to buffer zones around the schools amid the protests.

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This would give local authorities more power to prevent anti-vaccination protesters from gathering in the vicinity.

“Kids should be able to go to school in peace,” said Labor MP Politics House.

“To me the parallels with the buffer zone argument about abortion clinics are pretty clear.”

Ms Cressie said: “You don’t have an open, uncontested right to impose your views on other people, especially when it’s very clear that these kids have said no, and these adults continue to.”

The UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) has suggested that principals who believe there may be protests outside their school over participation in the COVID vaccination program, should ask the police to help manage the situation. should contact.

A headmaster in Nottingham said he was in contact with police last month after staff received threatening messages and an “unwanted visitor” as part of an ongoing campaign against a Covid vaccine rollout for children.

Anti-VAXX protesters have also sent fake NHS “consent checklists” to principals and asked them to be distributed to parents, as one school leader pointed out. Granthshala There was a “very convincing hoax”.

Videos from anti-vax Telegram groups also showed people approaching students in uniform to spread misinformation about the vaccine and hand out leaflets.

The Department of Education has been contacted for comment.


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