Cam Newton posted a video of her entire conversation with a child

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    Cam Newton had a difficult 2020 season with the New England Patriots, but at his peak was actually a kind of athlete at the quarterback position. His combination of size, speed, hand strength and accuracy made him one of the most prominent college football players in the 2010 Auburn season, and while he was at his best with the Carolina Panthers, he earned NFL MVP honors Did and led the Panthers to a Super Bowl.

    For a certain age, Newton’s peak had probably come too early for him, to recognize the greatness he had once achieved. On Sunday, a video went viral of a child at a football camp, where Newton was coaching his 7-on-7 team on cam, who responded that he could say about a person, simply saying “I Am rich ”and asking for a child, father.

    This became a topic of conversation on social media, and as such Newton posted a long video about her, in which she later tried to talk to the young man, asking him what he had done that day and how much he had Was a good player. In the caption, Newton, using his own unique alphabet, explained to his side what happened, he didn’t want to achieve it with a child because “which I don’t like”, which is correct.

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    This is an awkward situation and the kid gets very defensive as Newton tries to talk to him in a video cam before his coach arrives on his Instagram page and tries to get over everything.


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