Can artificial intelligence become addicted?

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In 1953, a Harvard psychologist thought he search for joy – Accidentally – within the cranium of the rat. With an electrode inserted in a specific area of ​​its brain, the rat was allowed to pulse the implant by pulling a lever. It kept returning for more: insatiable, persistent, lever-pulling. In fact, the rat didn’t want to do anything else. The reward center of the brain appears to have been located.

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After more than 60 years, in 2016, a couple of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers Were training AI to play video games. The goal of one game – the coaster – was to complete a racetrack. But the AI ​​player was rewarded for taking collectibles along the track. When the program was run, they saw something strange. The AI ​​found a way to skid across an endless cycle of collectibles. He did this consistently instead of completing the course.

What links these seemingly unrelated phenomena is something strangely similar to addiction in humans. Some AI researcher call the eventwireheading


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