Canada election: No winner in tight Manitoba riding, special ballots will pick MP or trigger recount

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Nearly a full day after voting closed in Charleswood-St. James—Headingley—Assiniboia, Voters in Riding still don’t know who will represent them in the House of Commons.

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The race between incumbent Conservative MP Marty Morantz and Liberal Dr. Doug Ayolfson was the only Manitoba contest so close that a clear winner could not be predicted on Monday night.

And it doesn’t look like voters will get an answer on Tuesday either.


“We expect the counting of votes to continue tomorrow,” Iolfsson said in a post on social media late Tuesday.

After election day and early ballots were counted on Monday, Morentz – who rode from Iolfsson by 2,417 votes in 2019 – was trailing Iolfsson by just over 100 votes.

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But there are still more than 3,000 special ballots to be counted, and an Election Canada spokesperson says those votes will either pick a winner, or trigger an automatic recount.

“If the difference between the top two candidates is 1/1000 of the total number of votes, then (there is) an automatic recount. So let’s say 5000 ballots are cast in a ride and there are only 50 votes that separate the first and second candidates, then there is an automatic recounting,” explains Marie-France Kenny from Elections Canada.

Kenny says it will take some time for special ballots to be counted, including those mailed to Election Canada offices or those cast in person.

Not least thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Elections Canada received a record number of mail-in ballots this year. More than a million have already been received, and many more that were removed at local Election Canada offices and polling stations still have to be included in the final tally.

While staff at large-scale, centralized counting facilities already count votes coming in from members of Canadian forces, incarcerated voters and Canadians abroad, there is still a need to verify local people’s votes. Is.

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The work began Tuesday morning at local riding offices across the country, including Charleswood-St. James – Assiniboia – Headingley.

But Kenny said it’s not as simple as counting a few thousand ballots.

Elections Canada staff must go through each ballot to ensure that there are no duplicates and that it does not belong to anyone who voted in person.

Officials must also verify the signatures of voters, and only then can the ballots be counted.

Kenny can’t say for sure when a decision will be announced at the ride.

Morantz did not speak publicly on Monday night, but sent a statement to the media saying he would comment after all votes were counted.

In his statement on social media on Tuesday, Iolfson suggested that voters enjoy the fall season while election officials continue to count.

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“While we wait for the results, I encourage you to get outside and enjoy the nice weather, and for my volunteers, maybe a nap!”

As of Tuesday there were still 24 close races where local postal ballots could decide the winners across Canada.

Elections Canada plans to post updates on its progress by counting special ballots from local voters Website So that people can understand how close they are to the last line of some of these long races.

— With files from Joe Scarpelli and The Canadian Press

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