Canada faces ‘serious hour’ as House of Commons returns amid Granthshala pressures: Liberal

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The country faces a “critical hour” as the House of Commons returns amid a challenging Granthshala scenario of high inflation, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the proliferation of conspiracy theories online that prompt people to seek easy answers to complex problems. are motivating. Government says.

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In a press conference just before parliament’s return on Tuesday, Government House leader Mark Holland laid out priorities for the fall session and said the government would work closely with parties that offer “reasonable” resolutions.

But he warned against “tempting” on conspiracy theories spreading online, and urged lawmakers to take their work offers seriously.


“These are historic times. We all, each of us in this world, have been called to rise to the occasion of great upheaval. We live in a world that was much more certain in past times ,” said Holland.

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“I was an opposition critic. I respect what they have to do. They have to punch us. We have to make them accountable. Sometimes I would get carried away… but this is not that kind of time. I think this is a time that is more serious, and I hope we are all reflecting on that as we begin today.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated in recent months that the government’s declining priority will be to pass measures that help Canada’s most vulnerable with the cost of living, including a lack of affordable housing and rising rents, and increased grocery costs. and rising energy prices.

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The first pieces of legislation introduced by the government in the fall session are expected to propose doubling the GST tax credit for low-income Canadians, and creating a new dental benefit for children under 12. Families have less than $90,000. year.

The House of Commons will also debate legislation introduced last spring to increase disability benefits.

The latter has been a key requirement for the NDP to maintain that party’s support for the liberals in the governance agreement reached between the two sides earlier this year.

Tuesday also marked the first questioning period for Pierre Poiliver as Conservative leader, although any spark between him and Trudeau remains until Thursday when the prime minister returns from meetings with the United Nations in New York.

Poilievre focused his questions on the cost and affordability of living, and in particular criticized the government for increasing the CPP and EI premiums. He and other members of the Conservative Party often described the increase as unacceptable at a time when inflation and fuel costs continue to rise.

Meanwhile, the NDP issued a new attack ad against Poilivre just an hour before his first question period as leader. In the 30-second video, the party takes aim at the new Conservative leader and asks the audience from above, “Who is the real Pierre Poiliver?”

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By the end of the clip, which notes Poiliver’s voting record on measures such as opposing efforts to raise the minimum wage, the video argues: “Pierre Poiliver: He’s not in it for you.”

polyivre voted against 2014 NDP proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. He too Voted against the 2021 federal budgetThat included raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The budget bill passed and the federal minimum wage became effective December 29, 2021.

All political parties are indicating that the crisis of survival is their top priority, although how each party proposes to deal with it is expected to see heated debate in the coming days, weeks and months.

With files from the Canadian Press.



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