canadian Researchers say they have identified a new, mysterious type of killer whale that hunts large mammals such as gray whale calves—and prefers the deep-water basins of the Pacific to hunt seashells, according to the report. .

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Josh McInnes, a researcher at the University of British Columbia, said these “outer coast ephemeral whales” are thought to be a subset of the ephemeral orcas known as Big’s killer whales. CBC. But he said these whales have a distinct vocal dialect from their cousins ​​and spend most of their time cruising the continental shelf off California. Their calls have a high pitch.


Hakai Magazine informed of That scientists have long assumed that “killer whales found from southeast Alaska to southern California belonged to a west coast population.”

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The report said the researchers observed 100,000 images and identified 150 members of the new group. McInnes said he is considered a “large whale hunter” and an attacker on gray whale calves.

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“It’s very, very complex and exciting, and we are just beginning to scratch the surface,” he said, According to National Observer of Canada.

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