Capcom temporarily suspends ‘Resident Evil Re: Versus’ beta NME

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    Beta is experiencing issues with matchmaking

    Japanese video game developer and publisher Capcom has suspended its beta test Resident Evil: Verses Temporarily.

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    The developer shared the news via social media on Thursday 8 April. Per capcom StatementBeta testing of upcoming multiplayer games has been suspended due to issues related to matchmaking.

    “As we are still seeing the issues keel over OBT matchmaking service, we have decided to temporarily suspend OBT until further notice to resolve the issue. We will continue the investigation, and we apologize for any inconvenience, ”Capcom said.

    An expected date for return of keel over The beta has not been announced, though it seems that players will have to wait until matchmaking issues are resolved.

    while Resident Evil: Verses Will be available on all available platforms at the time of launch, beta testing is currently only available on PC.

    Resident Evil: Verses There is an upcoming PvP multiplayer mode that will be made available for anyone to copy Resident Evil Village When it releases on 7 May.

    keel over Will give players the opportunity to team up with their friends, including characters such as Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine. After dying in a round, players will be revived as a biographer. Depending on how many virus samples are collected for the player’s death, they can be revived as some of the franchise’s biggest enemies.

    New Resident Evil Village The gameplay will be performed next week when Capcom hosts it next Domestic rogue Display. The showcase will air on 15 April PT at 15:00 PT / 18:00 ET / 23:00 BST and will include a new trailer and gameplay footage Resident Evil Village, “Along with some other surprises”.

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