Capitol attack: Schiff says Mark Meadows contempt decision imminent

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A key panel member said the House Select Committee probing the Capitol attack could decide this week whether to charge Donald Trump’s last White House chief of staff Mark Meadows with criminal contempt of Congress Or not.

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“I think we’ll probably make a decision this week on our conduct with that particular witness and probably others,” Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s State of the Union.

Schiff also said he was concerned about the Justice Department’s alleged lack of interest in investigating Trump’s own actions, including asking officials in Georgia to find votes that would reverse his defeat by Joe Biden.

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A January 6 committee is investigating an attack on the Capitol by supporters whom Trump told to “fight like hell” to reverse his defeat.

Trump was impeached with the support of 10 House Republicans, but was acquitted after only seven senators defected. The select committee consists of only two Republicans, Adam Kizinger and Liz Cheney, who broke ties with Trump on January 6.

“We tried to hold the former president accountable through impeachment,” Schiff said. “That is the remedy that we have in Congress. Now we are trying to expose the full facts of the misconduct of the former President as well as those around him.

When asked about Meadows – who’s going to publish the memoir, The Chief’s Chief, 7 December. To – Schiff said: “I cannot go into you, the communications that we have or do not have with special witnesses.

“But we are moving fast with anyone obstructing the committee, and indeed it was the case with Mr Bannon, it will be the same with Mr Meadows and Mr Clark or anyone else.”

Steve Bannon, Trump’s former campaign chairman and White House strategist, pleaded not guilty to a charge of criminal contempt, a first by Congress and the DOJ. since 1982, Thursday Bannon, facing fines and jail time filed There is a request that all the documents in his case be made public.

Like Bannon and Meadows, Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Department official, has refused to cooperate with the House committee. Lawyers for Trump and his aides have claimed executive privilege, the principle that concerns the confidentiality of communications between the president and his aides. Many experts say that executive privileges do not apply to former presidents. The Biden White House has forgiven this.

“It varies from witness to witness,” Schiff said, “but we as a committee and with our legal counsel discuss what is the appropriate course of action to get the information to the American people. We intend to hold public hearings again soon to bring with us and show us what we are learning in real time. But we are going to make that decision very soon.”

Schiff said he “can’t go into the evidence we’ve gathered” about Trump’s role in the January 6 events around which five people were killed and at which Vice President Mike Pence, hiding from a crowd, They were asked to hang

“I think one of the most important questions we’re investigating,” Schiff said, “is the full role of the former president.

“That is, what did he already know about the trend of violence that day? Was it essentially a back-up plan for those who failed [election] Litigation across the country? Was this something that was feared? How was it funded, did the funders know what was likely to happen that day? And what was the president’s reaction when the attack was underway, because his own vice president was being threatened?

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“I think the widest category of people who are most unknown is the people around the former president. And we’re determined to get answers.”

Schiff was also asked about suggestions, from which . also included Judge Amit Mehta Overseeing cases against the Capitol rioters, of which nearly 700 have been charged, it may seem like Trump is being let off the hook by the Justice Department.

Schiff said: “I’m concerned that an investigation doesn’t happen, unless it’s being done very quietly by the Justice Department to find 11,780 votes that don’t exist, accurate enough to reverse Joe Biden’s victory in that state.” number will be required.

“I think if you or I were on that call and reported that we were under investigation [or] Indictment so far in Georgia for criminal attempt to defraud the people and people of the country.

“So that I’m especially worried.”

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