Cardi B donates $100K to her NYC alma mater for performing arts programs

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For Cardi B, it’s always “Bronx season.”

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The hip-hop superstar walked into the auditorium of her former middle school on Tuesday, much to her students’ surprise and delight.

Cardi B, who has a song called “Bronx Seasons”, was met with applause and applause several times while speaking to The Alexander Macomb School in Morris Heights.


The joy was further increased when she revealed that she would be donating $100,000 to the school’s programming.

This money will go to the performing arts in IS 232 throughout the school day and after school, which Cardi B said that “Change a lot in school and in every school system.”

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“Where do you want to be in a few years from now?” The South Bronx native asked from the students’ room. “Make sure you think long term.”

Cardi B said the school served as a safe place for her during her middle school years and helped transform her into the Grammy-winning artist she is today.

Cardi B donated $100,000 to her middle school alma mater The Alexander Macomb School.
Cardi B stands with the school's chancellor.
The funds will go toward the establishment of a performing arts program at the school.
Cardi B posing for a photo with the students.
The rapper told students to think “long term” when it comes to their education.

“Kids in the Bronx have to grow up quickly with our circumstances and our environment. While some young teens like those around 11-13 still live in that Disney world, these kids grow up fast and quickly,” she wrote on instagramHe hopes his donation will keep students off the streets and out of troubled homes.

She said Cardi B plans to visit other schools in Queens and Brooklyn in the coming weeks to reveal a special project she’s been working on for two years.

Under Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial budget plan, the Department of Education is projected to tackle a $10 billion shortfall in the coming years.

Students listen to Cardi B speak.
The Grammy-winning artist hopes the money will keep kids off the street.

According to UFT officials, Cardi B’s donation to The Alexander Macomb School in New York City this year almost offset budget cuts.

“@NYCMayor cut over $104k from IS 232 budget. No question @iamcardib is for kids – this administration… that’s another story. #RestoreTheCuts,” Teachers union tweeted

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