Cardi B says she noticed that most of the negative reactions to her hit song “WAP” in August came from Republican influencers.

The singer and rapper released the song together with Megan The Stallion and became one of the biggest hits of the summer. However, given the graphic and adult nature of the song, it also faced criticisms that what the star now says was mostly correct.

Speaking with Zen lowe of apple musicThe 28-year-old said she was surprised that people reacted to the song so much, that she grew up listening to “all ages” and “weird” music.

“When ‘WAP’ came out, the people who were criticizing it the most were like, ‘This is so bad, this is so weird’ – I don’t think it was religious people either, it’s really a lot of Were Republicans, “she explained.


Cardi made sure to not let anyone back down from elected officials, but said social media influencers who usually court right-leaning audiences were the song’s biggest critics.

Cardi B blamed Republicans for the negative reaction to 'WAP'.

Cardi B blamed Republicans for the negative reaction to ‘WAP’.
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“Big Republicans, not like senators and — like,” she said. “It was really like the motherf —– who used to do a blue check on Twitter, they are very influential and that’s exactly the same … about anything you could talk about? ”

Cardi B was previously a vocal supporter of prominent Democrats in the 2020 election, throwing her weight behind Bernie Sanders before appearing to Joey Biden after becoming a once-predatory nominee.

“I supported Bernie [Sanders] And then Joe Biden, so they were trying to figure out a way to pick me up, “she said.” Like, ‘Oh Joe Biden is the girl you were interviewing with? The girl who is talking about WAP? Is this what you want America to be affected by? ”


She Added: “It’s like, brother, come on now.”

Cardi B first defended the song during an appearance on the Australian radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”.

Cardi B opened up to criticism over the summer of her song 'Wap'.

Cardi B opened up to criticism over the summer of her song ‘Wap’.
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Cardi explained at the time (through song this type of people are usually conservative or really religious people, but my point is that I grew up listening to this type of music) The people) Belongs to. “Other people may think it’s weird and rude, but to me, it’s really like normal, you know what I’m saying?”

She He also took to social media to defend himself from people calling him a hypocrite for not letting his 2-year-old daughter go on track.

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“Ya need to stop with this already! I don’t [JoJo Siwa]! I don’t make music for children, I make music for adults, “she said at the time.

Added the Grammy winner: “Parents are responsible for what their children listen too [sic] Or can see. I am a very sexual person but not around my child like every other parent should be. “