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Two New York City police officers were shot on the eve of Thanksgiving in the Bronx by a “career criminal” suspect, who Mayor Bill de Blasio pinned for having “too many guns.”

“This is another example of a gun from out of state, comes to our city, hurts a New Yorker,” de Blasio said. “It’s something we have to deal with in a completely different way. But in the meantime, thank God there’s another shooter on the streets because of the bravery of these absolutely extraordinary officers.”


The mayor also said the officers showed “incredible bravery” and were grateful for them and for the fact that they are recovering from their injuries.

2 NYC Police Officers Injured in Day’s Shooting

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Commissioner Dermot Shea said the shooting was “still carried out on the streets of New York City, with many more arrests by a career criminal.” He did not identify the suspects or the officers injured during the press conference.

NYPD Cop Shot Three Times in Brooklyn; suspect in custody

New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea speaks to the media during the New York Marathon Ceremonial Finish Line Painting in Central Park in the Manhattan Borough of New York on November 3, 2021.

“What we do know about this gun is that the theft was reported in Georgia last year. Apparently it made its way, as far as lots of guns, in New York City and it caused massacres in the streets. is being made,” Shea added of the gun used. in crime.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, also agreed at the press conference that there are too many guns on the streets of New York, but added that the problem is due to criminals being oblivious to carrying firearms.

“But Purpose is not afraid to take them,” he said. “They’re not afraid to put it in their belt, put it in their pocket and pull it over a police officer. That’s the problem.”

NYPD officer shot three times from hospital; Sangh chief said, ‘Leaders are withdrawing from our police’

Shea said the community did its job Wednesday night by calling 911 in response to the shooting, adding: “It’s time for the rest of the system to do its job and make the roads as safe as possible.”

One of the officers, a woman who has been in the army for almost a year, was hit twice in the upper right arm. He opened fire and shot the suspect. He is expected to survive.

A suspect was reportedly shot dead by officers on a New York City highway on Thursday.

His accomplice, a male officer with an eight-year force, was shot in the adjacent area. He is also expected to survive this injury.

The unidentified suspect was shot a total of three times and underwent surgery at St. Barnabas’ Hospital at the time of the press conference. His condition has been raised from critical to critical, new York Times Reportedly after speaking with an NYPD detective just after 2 a.m. Thanksgiving.

Malik Alsaidi, manager of 7 Days and Nights Daily at 187th Street, heard gunshots around 8 a.m. Wednesday and called 911, he told the New York Times.

“When I heard the shots, I didn’t think they were that close. I didn’t think they were a block away,” Alsaidi said. “But it was only when I went out that I realized it was something serious.”

The attack comes exactly a year after two NYPD officers were shot and wounded in an ambush while responding to reports of domestic violence in Queens.