When then-President Donald Trump accused CBS News of fraudulently editing “60 Minutes” in an interview he did with reporter Leslie Staal during the 2020 election campaign, the event was “complete, unbiased and contextualized reporting.” Stood with the pledge of.

However, the network’s response to criticizing a botched hit piece targeting Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis suggests they have deviated from their one-time acclaimed professional standard.

In October, Trump attempted to publish seamlessly unpublished footage of his sitdown with Staal on Facebook, to respond that he had been “viciously tried” by an experienced reporter.

CBS strictly rejected the move at the time, stating in a statement that Trump and the White House made an “unprecedented decision” to ignore an agreement with the network and release footage of the interview. Still, the network said, Trump’s behavior “will not stop 60 Minutes from providing its full, unbiased and contextual reporting that the president participates in for decades.”

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On Tuesday, the network showed the bar significantly lower with its defense of a selectively edited clip of DeSantis, responding to allegations by reporter Sharyan Alphonsie that the governor was giving pay-to-pay doubles lukewarm vaccine distribution rights while chasing a $ 100,000. Engaged in the play plan. Donation to their PAC.

Since the report aired on Sunday, Publix and DeSantis have vigorously disputed the piece. Recycled Along with the narrative, critics believe Publix was a natural fit for the vaccine partnership offered at more than 800 locations across the state.

Despite this, CBS told Granthshala News it doubled down on the widely criticized report, “For more than 50 years, the facts reported from 60 Minutes have often sparked debate and given strong reactions. Ours The story speaks for itself Sunday night. “


“We requested an interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis, he refused;” He has written “We spoke to Jared Moskowitz, director of State Emergency Management twice, but he refused to give a camera interview for our story even after our deadline. We ignored his idea. Reversing his statement yesterday Huh, we also spoke on the record. With Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner. “

Moskowitz and Kerner, both Democrats, spoke out against “60 Minutes” after the story aired.

“Reporting was not just based on bad information – it was intentionally inaccurate,” Kerner said Statement on Monday. “’60 Minutes’ should be ashamed.”

A preview clip released on Friday showed a tense exchange between DBST and Alphonsie that the CBS reporter suggested was impact-pedaling.

However, as previously conservative writer AG Hamilton said, “60 Minutes” cut several minutes from the press conference, with DeSantis reporting that CVS and Walgreens first vaccinated during rollout in senior communities and rollover care facilities . Volunteers were the first chain to roll out the vaccine in their shops. DeSantis also told Alphonsie that CVS and Valgrens would also receive the vaccine when their mission to vaccinate Florida’s senior citizens was completed.

A CBS spokesperson initially told Granthshala News of the edited exchange: “As we always do for clarity, 60 Minutes used part of the Governor’s 2-minute response that directly addressed the question to the reporter” , A clear contrast with its earlier tone to provide “referenced reporting” according to critics

Desantis called the report an “orchestrated political” hit job “on Monday,” Tucker Carlson Tonight “said on Monday that his words had been” fraudulently edited “to illustrate his state’s senior citizen vaccination plan with Publix. , Which is nothing more than paying a corporate political donor.

Granthshala News’ Joy Wolfson contributed to this report.