LONDON – Celebrities joined Prince William in London on Sunday for the inaugural awards ceremony of his Earthshot Prize, an ambitious environmental program aimed at creating new ideas and ideas around the world to tackle climate change and Earth’s most pressing challenges. technologies are to be discovered.

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Actresses Emma Thompson, Emma Watson and David Oyelowo join Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, to present at the Alexandra Palace in north London.

Guests were asked to “consider the environment when choosing their outfits,” so Watson arrived wearing a gown made from 10 fabrics from the charity Oxfam. Kate wore an Alexander McQueen dress made for her in 2011, while her husband wore a dark green velvet blazer and polo neck.


William and his charitable organization, The Royal Foundation, introduced the Earthshot Prize last year, inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 “Moonshot” speech, which challenged and inspired Americans to go to the moon.

The award, given to five winners every year till 2030, is considered the most prestigious of its kind. Each winner will receive a grant of £1 million ($1.4 million) to develop and enhance their ideas.

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“There have been a lot of wonderful ideas in the last decades but it’s the implementation that really matters, so that’s all. So that’s really a reason to be happy,” Thompson said.

In a pre-recorded short video, William said: “We live in the most consequential time in human history.”

“The actions we choose or choose not to do over the next 10 years will determine the fate of the planet for the next 1,000,” he said.

“Many answers are already available,” he said. “But we need everyone from all walks of society. To raise our ambition and unite in repairing our planet.”

Finalists include a 14-year-old student who proposes using solar power to replace charcoal to power millions of roadside ironing vehicles in India; a land-based coral farm in the Bahamas to restore dying coral reefs; a community project in the Congo dedicated to protecting gorillas; and a Kenyan venture that turns organic waste into fertilizer and insect protein for farmers.

The ceremony comes days before the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, which begins on 31 October.