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Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish, even celebrities. Ree Drummond, Tori Spelling, Kelly Ripa and others share their favorite foods to eat on vacation with fans.

Some dishes are traditional, and some are not what you’d expect.


Here’s a look at what some of the stars have said about their go-to dish over the years:

Ree Drummond

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Known as The Pioneer Woman, Drummond has always shared Her Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes,

She likes to make a Nantucket cranberry pie, a cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, and homemade cranberry sauce to go with the roasted turkey.

zucchini spelling

Tori Spelling serves her guests a green bean dish with a twist.

Most Thanksgiving meals include some sort of green bean dish. Spelling serves vegetables with a twist to its guests.

“My green bean bundles wrapped in bacon are a Thanksgiving staple,” the spelling said,

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa likes to make a different protein on Thanksgiving to give her guests some options instead of turkey.

Ripa’s family isn’t big on turkey after experiencing a year of Thanksgiving disaster. There were some unexpected guests in the family, and the oven went out, leaving half of the turkey raw.

Instead, Ripa cooks up a variety of proteins for the day off.

“Joaquin is really big on Sage and Butter Pork Chops,” He said, “He loves it so much! My daughter is more like my people. We love whipped mashed potatoes, but we also love mashed sweet potatoes. We love anything mashed and carbohydrate.”

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Kristin Cavallari

Cavallari has released several cookbooks, and her Thanksgiving Day spread is usually a mix of her favorite recipes.

“I’m going to do the stuffing that’s in the book [and] gluten free and dairy free pecan pie,” he told us weekly Last year before the holiday. “I’m going to do spiced deviled eggs as an appetizer and I’m going to do apple pie from True Roots, Butternut Squash Mash, and then Crispy Brussels Sprouts. So, a lot of stuff!”

Kristin Cavallari likes to do some traditional Thanksgiving dishes and some non-traditional dishes.

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba says she loves to 'cook it all'.

Alba doesn’t really have any specific favorite dishes. She likes to “cook it all,” though she made an honorable mention of the turkey, stuffing, and candied yams.

“I love cooking it all!” alba said, “I love turkey; I love stuffing; I love candied yams — I love it all!”

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal's favorite Thanksgiving dish isn't very common.

Gyllenhaal’s favorite Thanksgiving dish isn’t very common, but it looks like it was lovingly made by her mom.

“My mom makes this crazy cucumber salad,” she told XtraTV,

Gigi Hadido

Gigi Hadid always shows up to Thanksgiving with a pie.

Hadid focuses on desserts during the holidays, calling herself a “pie girl.”

“I always make pie for Thanksgiving. I’m a pie girl,” she said WWD, “I love rhubarb pie, I love apple pie and pumpkin pie and blackberry pie — but sometimes it’s mixed with rhubarb in one [pie],

“My dad does really good stuffing and all meat, and my mom is best for Buttered Carrot and Cranberry Jell-O, or whatever you call it. Bella does sweets. Anavar just eats, and I do pie,” added the supermodel.