Celebrity dog ​​trainer Cesare Milne joined “Granthshala News Primetime” on Tuesday to discuss what President Biden’s dog Major did after working with two people at the White House last month

MILAN: animals react Energy in the environment. But this is a perfect example of not having safety protocols for introducing dogs to the White House

Accidents occur due to lack of safety protocols. We cannot blame the dog, this is the first thing we have to understand. We can’t blame the dog. We have to take full responsibility for how to introduce a dog into the environment and then introduce the dog to new people so that it will gain trust, respect and love. Then there is harmony in you.

This is a big opportunity here. If everyone understands the same thing and behaves the same, then everyone is going to be Major’s best friend. It takes a village to raise a child. This is where a village is, if they do the same thing, they have to make a pact, commitment and obey, everyone is going to speak dog. In this way, everyone can connect and communicate. I can help dogs around the world because they speak the same language. In the White House or in my house, we have to learn to speak to the dog so that he can understand what we want, trust, respect and love.

We all come with issues. After the age of 20, people have issues. Therefore a rescue dog is a dog that had issues and was kept in a shelter. This does not mean that he cannot go back to normal. Back to normal means that human exercise gives mental stimulation and affection. Body, mind, heart. This brings him back to normal. Dog rescue [, it] This does not mean that they are broken. Rescue dogs mean they had a human who did not know to complete the dog’s life. So the dog became unstable.

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