Charles Barclay: I’m Been Rich and Poor and the Clippers Always Sock

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    The Los Angeles Clippers scored a big win on Thursday night, taking down the current 2-seeded Suncity West in one night after defeating the Jazz of Phoenix in one over. It was a game that showed some laxity and a late rejection for Patrick Beverley, but a sensational performance from Paul George and Qui Leonard gave LA a 113–103 victory over the 60-point combination.

    Before the game started on TNT, Charles Barclay announced that he did not believe the Clippers were title contenders this year, and were not sent off even after a strong performance. He is far from alone, as many have been waiting to see since last season’s collapse against the Nuggets to prove they could end the hump in the playoffs before they performed well in the regular season Do it For Barclay, however, it is much deeper than that, as he received a rather hilarious response to the fan tweets from a few angry Clippers after the game, noting that the Clippers had been through many of his stages for his entire life Has sucked.

    In all fairness to Chuck, he is not wrong here. The Clippers have long been a disaster as a franchise, although they have been far more capable in at least the past decade, even though they may not have been able to get on the hump to reach the conference finals. There are a lot of people who hold the same tantrum about believing the Clippers because they have been burned before, and they are not going to shop at this LA squad until they prove it to Chuck .


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