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Charlize Theron shows off her beach body while vacationing with her mother and two daughters in Cabo San Lucas over the holiday weekend.

While most other Americans were gaining weight over the Thanksgiving weekend, the “Old Guard” and “Atomic Blonde” actress took to a Mexico beach with her family to show that as the holiday season began, she was looking for someone else. Kind of fit.


The star was seen in a yellow, strapless one-piece swimsuit over the weekend as she went on vacation with her mother, Gerda, and their two adopted daughters, Jackson and August. In various pictures, the star is seen jumping out of the water, laughing as she splashes around with her kids.

The Oscar winner takes her role as a mother to adopted children seriously and isn’t afraid to open up about her challenges. During an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in July 2020, the star discussed how she approached the topic of racism with two of her girls, who are black.

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Theron, 46, said, “The day I became a parent, I swore I would always tell them the truth in a way that they could handle. I think it’s a momentous moment for them, for all of us.” ” time, given that children often “have awareness.”

“I wanted them to know what it was all about, what happened to George Floyd and the many other black bodies who died from this violence. I wanted them to be aware of how unfair and how unjust all of this is. ” Theron added. “I know there’s a part in letting them know about the world that ugliness will make them grow up a little bit more quickly than they normally would during this period, but I think it’s very important for a moment. Don’t be completely transparent.”

Charlize Theron swims with her kids while on vacation in Cabo.

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The actress said her daughters took the information “really well,” but that the conversation was “heartbreaking at first.”

“What exactly is this. How do we allow something like this to happen on our watch? They wanted to be really proactive and really wanted to know what we could do?” Theron said.

Theron spoke with earlier entertainment tonight About raising black kids, explaining that “as a parent, it’s been a tough time.”

Charlize Theron dutifully keeps an eye on her family's boogie boards while on vacation in Cabo.

“I think all parents, we want to believe that we have time. And the world has shaken me in such a way that I realize I don’t have time,” she said.

“There was a moment when I felt a little bit of my children’s innocence was taken away from them during this period because I got to sit with them and have a really tough, honest conversation about some really ugly things in our world today. Had to do it. They need to know. I want to know them because I want to raise two little warriors.”

Granthshala News’ Nate Day contributed to this report.