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    Bhopal. In the last few months, the electricity company in Madhya Pradesh changed the IVRS number of the meter. Some people are not yet aware of their new number. At the same time, some people are having trouble in depositing electricity bill due to lack of information about it. Those who deposit bills from the app sitting at home, their electricity bill is not showing on the app, due to which they could not collect the bill.

    When people went to the power company to get information about it, they were told that IVRS numbers have been given. People either have to wait for the bill to submit the bill or they have to deposit the bill by going to the ATP machine with the new number from the old IVRS number.

    How to know your new IVRS number

    If you do not know your new IVRS number then you do not have to worry. You first of all https://portal.mpcz.in/web/ Go to the portal. After reaching the home page here, you first click in click here to pay. As soon as you click it, you will get an option to check the electricity bill here.


    If you do not know your new IVRS number, then you can also enter your registered mobile number in the electricity bill here. After entering the mobile number, you will get a PDF copy of your electricity bill. From here you will also get your new IVRS number.


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