Chef Darrell Smith predicts future restaurant, Post COVID-19

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    “I went into this industry to be a chef because I felt that people would always need to eat, I would always have a job.” Okay, this is the first time that restaurants have closed, we have never seen anything where people just were not eating in restaurants and eating at home. ”

    Chef Darrell Smith (also known as Chef DAS) has cooked for Obamas and Oprah, serving as Diddy’s personal chef, setting up his own culinary spice company, Spice Sack, many times the Food Network , And also published his own cookbook. But nothing could prepare him for the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our restaurant industry. According to data compiled by and compiled by the National Restaurant Association, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and US Census Bureau StatistaThe foodservice industry lost an astronomical 130 billion in sales between March and October last year, causing a massive loss of 2.1 million jobs to the industry, an estimated 110,000 restaurants closed as a result of ever-closing and capacity limits went. Brought by the epidemic.

    This means that when we are finally able to make it a regular habit to go out to eat with our friends and families and have a bite, we are going to step into a much different culinary landscape than we already enjoy. Have been. Ubiquitous epidemic. The number of restaurants, the prices, the layout – everything is likely to change.

    The only sign of hope in this bleak landscape? On the whole, chefs are friendly and inventive in solving their problem. Just look at the creativity shown in keeping independent restaurants thus far. We had at least a piece of optimism when we reached Chef DAS this week to get our grip on the future of food. The conversation shows how chefs can diversify their income streams as to how restaurants can advance their game indefinitely that can help those of us not in the industry as we eat out Reclaim themselves with.

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    The epidemic has shaken the restaurant business, and a lot of restaurants might not be able to survive. There are some ways that chefs can find new ways to diversify their living and their income?

    This is a great time to be innovative. Getting into and out of this epidemic, it is time for restaurants and cooks to be creative and solution-based. There is a way to do this through delivery services – a lot of people are staying at home, cannot open a lot of restaurants but are still able to use their kitchen. Setting up a delivery service where you can take food directly from the restaurant to your home.

    Products are still very moving, a lot of people are at home so if you make some kind of cool product and share your cooking skills and what people love you. If you can share it through a product, it is a great thing.

    Food trucks are also coming back, it is a mobile way of eating and it seems safe. I love the mobile eating experience these days.

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    Do you see the epidemic changing the food space forever? How does this affect you personally in terms of cost structure and being able to keep the kitchen open while meeting a demand that has been heavily affected?

    This affects me prominently. Another company I am a CEO of is the Caring Culinary Group, and all we do is specialize in food service management for large corporations, schools, colleges and businesses. We had an account here in Atlanta and we were serving food on campus in late 2019 and early 2020. We opened a big cafe on campus, the college was one of the main things that closed and still hasn’t opened back.

    This affected us greatly, obviously, because we were not able to work outside a closed school.

    Opportunity comes for the creation of this chaos, how do you see that the epidemic is moving beyond the pervasiveness of the mobile kitchen to continue the restaurant world?

    When we are allowed to open back up, we really need to understand the social mess of food inside and out. I think you will see more restaurants, which have a lot more outdoor space than indoor space, it gives it a free air environment and allows people to disperse. I think a lot more people will feel more comfortable eating from the inside out.

    The restaurant needs to develop more mobile technology, where people can order and it is ready to go when you arrive there. I think many people will be ordering food to be taken home. You really need to think outside the box when trying to serve customers, it is changing forever. It will never go back the way it used to be.

    It really is a beautiful time to be solution-based. Although the epidemic is troublesome and really bad for this industry, the problem-solving aspect is something that I find inspiring.

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    How can diners help restaurants open things once again? Do the chefs want us to dine outside or do you prefer that we take out? What is your thinking behind this?

    I like people coming to the restaurant to make sure, I think it’s part of the atmosphere, part of the experience getting ready to have a fantastic meal at one place. I definitely welcome dinner, but going forward I think there are some aspects that can help customers have a more casual meal.

    Tables, partitions, hand sanitizers, waiters and waitress masks are major components I think in and out of dinner, and I’m sure everyone else in the industry is welcoming customers with open arms.

    In what ways do you expect the restaurant industry to change as a result of this?

    I want to have some type of insurance for restaurants, owners and workers – some kind of fallout plan. I went into this industry to become a chef because I felt that people would always need to eat, I would always have a job. Well, this is the first time that restaurants have closed, we have never seen anything where people were not eating at the restaurant right now and instead of eating at home. An insurance policy or endorsement of some sort of declining plan, or for the restaurant industry, should go ahead.

    For many people, it is their lifeline, the bartender, the server, which is why they make a living. If restaurants are closed then there is no way to survive. Going forward we have to understand the importance of the community around the entire restaurant industry.

    How can the world of food become more diverse and equitable with this epidemic, what can we apply to ensure that people do not get here in the middle of the rift?

    I think you have to support small businesses. You have to seek them out and really support them. As a small business, when it comes to bank accounts, there is not a lot of margin, they cannot save for three or four years in the future. Larger restaurant chains can survive, but small businesses need your support. Your small restaurants, your cafes unilaterally, some of those restaurants make up the landscape of our cities. New Orleans, Atlanta Los Angeles – There are actually small family-owned restaurants that cool the landscape of those cities.

    Therefore it is very important to support those businesses.

    Let’s turn to cooking at home, I know you are a fan of simple dishes, is it the simplicity of the taste that attracts you or is it about the ease of making the dishes?

    I think a little about both. Ultimately, it gives us the right meaning to respect natural ingredients and give shine to those ingredients. This is the most important step for me, understanding the component we are using and bringing the best out of that component.

    Cooking is not hard, it can be fun and it can be easy.

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    What is one advice you have for a newbie who still feels at the thought of cooking?

    Well, this is actually the exact reason why we started Spice Sack. The Spice Sack was designed and meant to scare off cooking. When following recipes a lot of people don’t really understand how much spice to use, one of the biggest things I always say is “you can always add but you can’t take away”

    With Spice Sack, we try to make life a little easier by providing a flavor profile that is in a bundle that helps eliminate one step and reduces the number of ingredients you need to cook. Are trying

    Your go-to quick and easy meal preparation that we should all give a shot?

    Pan-sardoned salmon is an easy one. It is a quick and healthy meal and is very simple. Take a piece of salmon, sew it over the side of the meat, add a little oil over it to make the pan really hot and you sieve it. The jackal gives it some nice color. After you figure out what I’m doing, I actually flip it back into the pan and I finish it in the oven, so I cook it from the inside out, to give it some nice color on top. Provide it

    Steam some broccoli or green beans with it, add some mashed potatoes or some rice and you’ve got a wonderful meal.

    Because you are the founder of Spice Sack, I cannot leave you without asking anything about Spice. What do we need for five seasons in our kitchen outside of salt and pepper?

    Certainly some garlic – Garlic always gives that delicious profile that makes the taste of any dish more savory. Some dried parsley, which gives it a spark of fresh herbs. A big fan of cinnamon, it makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy and has a great aroma. Some oregano is always good to include in your meats, it gives them a delicious taste, and in the end just some paprika to give your dish every color.

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