A small group of penguins got to spend a night at a seafood restaurant in Chicago, and all of this was done for a good reason.

The Shade Aquarium scheduled a visit to Shaw’s Crab House for its three Magellanic penguins, Tilly, Dolores and Olivia, which took place during Chicago Restaurant Week.

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All three penguins were able to walk around the restaurant and get physical exercise, according to one Press release Released last week. The one-time event was a collaborative effort that promoted the city’s annual restaurant celebration and aquarium sustainability campaign, called “Let’s Shed Plastic

The Let’s Shed Plastics campaign aims to encourage businesses and residents to scale on single-use plastics. According to the Chicago Aquarium, the COVID-19 epidemic has led to a 30% increase in waste due to the use of disposable masks, carryout containers, and delivery packaging.

The organization predicts that “a great deal” of non-recycled plastic will end up in rivers, lakes and oceans.

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Partnered with Shed Choose chicago And this Entertain you Restaurant group along with their beloved Penguin ambassadors to spread awareness for the campaign.

Zaid Wegner, director of Zaid Wagner, said, “Penguin on the Shed has brought joy to millions of people worldwide. Since the onset of the epidemic, the digital audience of the aquarium has expanded and given us some of the world’s most pressing Has been enabled to bring environmental issues. ” Conservation action, told Granthshala News. “In his most recent visit to Shaw’s Crab House in Chicago, a lettuce Entertainment You restaurant, his natural curiosity helped us start an important conversation about the plastic pollution that destroys our waterways.”

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Wegner said: “Shaw’s field trip was a commitment by Lettuce Entertainment U Restaurant Group to cut plastic use where possible, which came through a new program for the shed called Shed Plastic Is. Since launching for the first time. Let’s say a month ago the Shedd Plastics Program, more than 140 restaurants have committed to cutting back on the use of single-use plastics. “

In the long run, people at the Shedd Aquarium hope that the environmental campaign will help create a “plastic-free future” to the world.

The Aquarium’s partner, Choose Chicago, hosts Chicago Restaurant Week, which ends on Sunday, April 4. The 17-day event has led to an extended race due to the epidemic, and around 300 local restaurants have participated.