Chick-fil-A employee hailed for stopping man from carjacking mother with infant

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An employee of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Florida is being praised as a hero when he fights a man trying to steal a car from a woman in a harrowing parking lot confrontation captured on video.

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Incredibly, this also wasn’t the first time that 26-year-old Thomas “Michael” Gordon ran to rescue someone in distress near his workplace. Four years ago, he allegedly helped save two girls when a construction crane fell on their car.

“Michael, you are an incredible person,” said a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office that is investigating the carjacking.


According to sheriff’s duties patrolling Okalosa County, which includes the popular tourist cities of Fort Walton Beach and Destin, Gordon was working his way to a local Chick-fil-A on Wednesday when he saw a woman holding a baby. Heard screaming.

The woman was pulling the child out of the car when a man with a sharp plank came up to her and demanded his key.

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Then he snatched the key from her waistband, opened the door of her car and got into the vehicle screaming for help.

Gordon listened to her, ran to her and began to assault the attacker. Cellphone video of a bystander recorded Gordon taking the other man down, walking with him on the sidewalk and putting him in a headlock.

The Sheriff of Okalosa, Eric Eden, went to Gordon’s Chick-fil-A on Thursday presented him Along with a ready-made certificate of service and a formal coin that some organizations use to recognize special achievements.

“If you hear the call for help, know I’ll be there first,” Gordon told Aden after a short ceremony outside the restaurant. Referring to his certificate and coin, he said: “Thank you very much guys – I will take it, I have to keep it in some very safe place.”

Gordon says that if the sheriff heard a call for help he would be there first, not empty vanity.

In 2018, as an Alaska native took a drive-up order outside the same Chick-fil-A, a trucker equipped with a crane failed to negotiate a nearby turn and on a car with two 17-year-old girls inside rolled off.

Gordon ran to the wrecked vehicle, picked up one of the girls lying there on the ground, brought it to the shore and tried to calm down, Northwest Florida Daily News reported those days.

The girl told him that her friend was still alive in the car. Gordon noticed the other girl struggling to crawl through a small opening on the passenger’s side. He realized he couldn’t reach it, but he ran inside to grab ice and a towel.

Eventually, a group of other passersby—including a former firefighter—forcibly opened one of the destroyed car doors, and the other girl was able to break free.


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