A Chinese foreign minister said on Monday that Beijing is ready to engage in “clear communication” with the US, but wants Washington to stop interfering in its internal affairs.

Reuters Reported Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi spoke at a forum in Beijing and said there were clear mutual themes for the two countries, ranging from COVID-19 epidemics to climate change. He He said he hopes the Biden administration considers removing the tariff and refrains from getting involved in its affairs with Taiwan.

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Trump increased tariffs on Chinese imports in 2017 and imposed restrictions and other restrictions on Chinese tech companies and academic exchanges as he sought to address concerns about imbalances in trade and allegations of Chinese piracy of US technology.

Biden recently had a call with President Xi Jinping and said that his counterpart is focused on maintaining China “united, governed by control”.

But as America’s president, Biden said during a CNN town hall event in Milwaukee, he has to speak out against Beijing’s aggression in Hong Kong, “what he is doing to the Uygars in China’s western mountains,” and Taiwan. . Biden said that Xi understands that.

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Wang told diplomats, scholars and journalists at the Lanting Forum, “We hope that American policymakers will keep pace with time, clearly see the world trend, discard prejudice, leave undue skepticism and bring back China’s policy To ensure healthy, stable growth of Sino-US relations. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report