China defector says he warned US Covid was spreading 6 WEEKS before outbreak

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A Chinese protester claims he warned US officials about the outbreak of Covid in Wuhan six weeks before Beijing acknowledged the outbreak.

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Human rights activist Wei Jingsheng says he informed US intelligence agencies in November 2019, weeks before China alerted the World Health Organization.

Wei Jingsheng said he warned about the virus six weeks before Beijing acknowledged the outbreakcredit: getty
The outbreak in Wuhan was reported in December 2020

The outbreak in Wuhan was reported in December 2020credit: Alamy

In a new documentary, which is based on the book “What Really Happened in Wuhan”, he reveals how he first heard about a mystery virus during the World Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019.


The defector claimed that he attempted to alert the authorities about the seriousness of the situation in Wuhan after being informed by contacts in Beijing.

He said he spoke to Daimon Liu, a politician and Chinese human rights activist.

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And although he declined to specify which politician he spoke to, he said the man had ties to the president.

“I’m not sure if this politician wants me to talk about him right here,” he said.

“But I want to say that he is a high statesman, capable of reaching the President of the United States.”

Asked if he thought his intelligence about the new virus was taken seriously, he replied: “I thought they weren’t as concerned as I was so I did my best to provide more detailed information.” tried.

“They can’t believe that (a) there is a government of a country that would do something like this (cover up a virus).

“So I kept repeating myself trying to persuade them.”

China finally alerted the WHO about the outbreak six weeks later, on December 31, 2019, in Wuhan.

However, Beijing did not acknowledge that the virus was contagious until January 2020, when it was already spreading across the country.

On 30 January, the WHO declared an international public health emergency over the coronavirus outbreak.

And in February the first Covid-19 cases in the UK were gradually being registered.

The outbreak was declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, as cases continued to rise around the world.

There are several theories that support the claim that China was trying to hide the source of the Covid.

Leaked Chinese official data suggests that the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Wuhan can be traced back to November 17, 2019.

But according to the Chinese government, there were no deaths as of January 9, 2020.

Meanwhile, several doctors said they were silenced when they tried to warn about the virus.

Evidence suggests the virus was created in a lab and the researchers used science to hide its tracks.

Last month, cyber security expert Robert Potter said that Chinese data leaks appeared to suggest the Communist Party had “purged” a major database about the coronavirus from a Wuhan lab linked to the pandemic.

And earlier this month, Ian Lipkin, a professor at Columbia University in the US, revealed that he had learned about the outbreak in Wuhan two weeks earlier.

It is feared that the outbreak started long ago in Wuhan.

It is feared that the outbreak started long ago in AFP
WHO declared an international public health emergency over COVID in January 2020

WHO declared an international public health emergency over COVID in January 2020credit: EPA

China instigates army of ‘warrior trolls’ to dispel myth that Covid pandemic was sparked by US bioweapon

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