A top Chinese official on Thursday expressed disappointment over the World Health Organization’s plans for the second phase of its COVID-19 origin study.

China’s National Health Commission deputy minister Zeng Yixin said the decision was not based on science and reiterated the claim that the virus was “naturally generated.” Reuters reported that China refused to follow the plan because it is written in such a way that No respect for science.

The head of the WHO acknowledged last week that it was too early to rule out a possible link between the pandemic and the leakage of the coronavirus from a Chinese lab. Zeng said that there is no virus in the lab in Wuhan city that can directly infect humans. He said China has repeatedly clarified and does not accept the WHO’s plan.

The ruling Communist Party of China announced in May that it would not participate in or support the second phase of the WHO’s investigation into the COVID origins.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US pathologist, told CNN on Saturday that he believes “the most likely explanation is a natural evolution from an animal reservoir to a human.” Epidemiologists around the world continue to look for early clues to the virus to better understand it.