China’s brutal zero-Covid regime killed my 3-year-old son, says father

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The father of a three-year-old who died in China on Tuesday said the country’s strict zero-Covid policies had “indirectly killed” his son.

Tuo Shilei said his son Wenxuan was getting delayed in treatment because of the strict lockdown in Lanzhou city.

A three-year-old child died of carbon monoxide poisoning in northwest China on Tuesday. His death has triggered a tsunami of outrage and anger on Chinese social media platforms.

The father alleged that the local police did not respond to his emergency call immediately. However, the police dismissed his allegations and said that he responded to the call promptly.

Mr Tuo said he could not take his son out of the residential complex for more than an hour. Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province where the father lives, has been closed for several months.

“I personally think he was killed indirectly,” Mr Tuo told Reuters.

His wife’s health had deteriorated after a suspected gas leak at their apartment on Tuesday. Due to the toxic fumes, she slipped and fell on the ground.

The wife, who could not be immediately identified, reportedly showed improvement later.

Mr Tuo noticed his son’s deteriorating condition and, by Tuesday afternoon, desperately tried to call the police or an ambulance.

After about half an hour, he started giving CPR to his three-year-old son, which helped to some extent.

He then took his son to the entrance of their residential complex, where he was stopped by security guards as the city was under strict lockdown. The staff at the gate would not let him go beyond the entrance and instead asked him to call an ambulance.

He crashed through the gate and took a taxi to a local hospital where doctors declared his three-year-old son brought dead.

“The cause of my son’s death was an accident but throughout the process of our call for help, there was avoidance of responsibility and neglect of duty. Epidemic control went too far,” the grief-stricken father told BBC. was told by

When the news of the death of a three-year-old girl surfaced online late on Tuesday, people protested fiercely.

“Three years of the pandemic was his whole life,” one protester was heard saying.

Soon, the tragic story of a three-year-old girl went viral on Chinese social media as well. On Weibo, “Three years of Kovid was his whole life” started trending.

One user wrote, “The memory of the child is sad that the mask will be nothing more.”

“Even if the police responded promptly enough, shouldn’t there be a thorough investigation into whether any party prevented the father from receiving aid?” Another user asked a question on Weibo.

On Wednesday morning, a three-year-old was cremated in the family’s nearest home town of Hezheng.

On coming home, the father did not attend for fear of being quarantined.

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