The removal of Chris Harrison as host of the “Bachelor” franchise is a striking example of how the “ridiculous” canceled culture has become, critics tell Granthshala News.

The 49-year-old Harrison announced on Saturday that he was “stepping down” from his years-old role as the image of the ABC franchise, as the current racism controversy involves current racist Rachel Kirkconnell, who came to the fire. Revived photos She showed him to participate in an “Old South” -them party at a plantation in 2018.

It was a move in which Harrison drew intense feedback from current and former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” stars, as well as Bachelor Nation fans, many of whom are now calling for his permanent departure.

In his response to the issue with critics, Harrison said he was not “defending Rachel”, but was questioning whether a party with a theme like that would be thrown into the same “lens” in 2018 as That was done in 2021.


Amid the racism controversy, Chris Harrison announced that he would step down from his hosting duties for the 'Bachelor' franchise.

Amid the racism controversy, Chris Harrison announced that he would step down from his hosting duties for the ‘Bachelor’ franchise.
(ABC / Craig Sjodin)

Political satirist Tim Young said Harrison’s temporary expulsion is “ridiculous”, noting that Harrison’s action was “not even abusive.”

“He Considering what this contestant did to join that party in 2018 was still alright, and is no longer in 2021 because everyone is angry with the canceled culture, “Young said on Wednesday Analyzed in an interview with Granthshala News.

“Essentially, Harrison is being canceled keeping in mind the nuances of the culture, not for his support of going to a party,” Young continued. “This is a meta-cancellation. He is being canceled to indicate that the canceled culture has shifted in three years. “

Similarly, Dan Gaynor, vice president of the Media Research Center, called Harrison’s position “insane.”


Gaynor said, “We saw this kind of thing during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This is not something that happens in a free country.”

Gaynor blamed today’s canceled culture on those on the left who “replaced the Bible with their new Bible of sin.”

Rachel Lindsay (left) called Chris Harrison's temporary departure form 'The Bachelor' a 'right move'.

Rachel Lindsay (left) called Chris Harrison’s temporary departure form ‘The Bachelor’ a ‘right move’.

“Essentially, everyone has done something wrong so that they can get rid of someone they want”.

Unfortunately, for Harrison, he is already given in that crowd, Young claims.

“He Stepped aside and allowed himself to be repulsed by it. He Shouldn’t be, “Young said.”He They should be forced to fire publicly and make statements about it and then fight against it. But instead she is fine with the cancellation for pointing out the nuances of the culture of cancellation, not for supporting what this woman did. This is the most ridiculous part of the whole thing. “

Author Billy Binion has similar views. In an article for cause, Binion emphasized that Harrison’s dispute began with someone else’s actions. He Harrison now faces a cancellation, though he has not “credibly accused of participating in or abetting racist behavior.”

“To sum things up: a complete objection to the speed and impartiality of someone else’s cancellation is now grounds for revocation itself. What will be the next standard?” Binion asked.


Celebrities and high-profile executives seem to be losing jobs and making statements like Harrison almost daily, and Young said that because today’s culture has gone too far before.

Chris Harrison suffered backlash over comments made during a recent interview with former 'bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay.

Chris Harrison suffered backlash over comments made during a recent interview with former ‘bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay.
(Paul Archuleta / Getty Images)

“The culture is now established so that you get some kind of reward or some kind of like on Twitter or retweet. By some people to point to ‘you’. They are rewarding those who are really angry when they get up.” Pretend to be T – and this is where the culture is going, ”warned Young.

Gaynor said not necessarily coming back for Harrison because “there’s no sanctity about this.”


“That’s how a mob acts,” Gaynor warned. “There is no middle ground. You have two options here: either [Harrison] Throws him completely under the bus and says, ‘This should never have happened,’ and bombards him with sarcasm and expels him from the show, or defends him. There is no middle ground. “

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With most celebrities canceled today, Gaynor said he would make Harrison “disappear from the scene for a while, resurrect some good work and slowly rebuild his personality.”

He said, “But the insane amount of this loss is unconscious to him and his life.”

Meanwhile, the former “Bachelorette” led Rachel Lindsay this week, calling Harrison’s departure a “right” move. It was Harrison’s remarks during an interview with Lindsey that led to his withdrawal from the franchise.

“Chris has stepped aside, which I think is the right decision because, as he said, he needs to be educated and take time out on an intensive and productive level to use his word.” Lindsay explained. “And I think he needs to understand what was done, what was wrong, and what he said in that interview, and he needs time. He has stepped in to do that.