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Bumper-to-bumper traffic and double-parked cars. It’s part of living in New York City.


But city council members overwhelmingly passed a measure they say will help ease congestion.

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“It’s free for everyone on the Upper East Side with all these huge flatbed trucks that are loading and unloading thousands of packages every day,” explained New York City Council member Ben Kalos. “Neighbors complain every day and it’s completely free for everyone. So this law is doing something about it.”

The bill would require the Department of Transportation to create “loading-only” parking spots in each neighborhood for trucks like Amazon and the USPS to load and unload packages.

The Department of Transport must first determine where loading zones are most needed and then publicize the methodology that is used to decide where these zones should be located.

As per the bill, at least 500 total new loading zones should be created across the city for the first three years.

“Residents are coming to me every day because they can’t even walk down the sidewalk, let alone on the streets,” Kallos explained. “Because Amazon and FreshDirect have taken over our streets and our sidewalks.”

By January 1, 2023, the Department of Transport will be required to post the locations of all loading zones throughout the city so that people can easily access this list as per the law.

While many New Yorkers praised the move, pointing to a line of double-parked cars, they also said it would all come down to implementation.

“Are people going to put their cars in these places and then the trucks won’t take them to park again,” asked a woman traveling on Second Avenue. “I think there are other ways to solve this. I think it’s a good start, but they have to do something.”

There is a package of transportation bills city council members hope to receive before the end of the year to help New Yorkers navigate the city a little easier.

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