City Council’s non-citizen voting plan shows the far-left’s contempt for New York’s electorate

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Four years ago, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron made a triumphant return to New York City, where he had won votes from French immigrants nearly a year earlier.

a????return back! a???? come back! one???? He explained that his constituents had gathered at the 92nd Street Y, a petition mostly shrunken.

Why should they go back? They have everything they need right here: low taxes, comprehensive city services and a ???? Like most expats in America???? They can still vote for the president and local officials in their City of birth in France. And soon, when the lame-duck progressives get their way on the city council, they’ll even be able to help decide who rules New York City.

A bill allowing non-citizens to vote will be pushed through council next month. Suffice to say, it will profoundly change the elections in New York City as we know them.

Proponents of the bill say it will eventually enfranchise the estimated 800,000 New York residents who are green-card holders, DACA recipients or otherwise legally in the country, all with fewer inputs than the city’s current 5.6 million? Citizen voter.

Although New York has more registered voters than the entire population of South Carolina, elections to local offices are decided by a small number of people. The general election saw only 20 percent turnout, and the Democratic mayoral primary was decided by less than 10,000 votes. The council’s winners were lucky to garner 20,000 votes. This means that these newly enlisted voters have the potential to make a real impact.

Yet this group of non-citizens has hardly been denied the right to vote. Like France, many countries allow citizens living abroad to vote in their elections. Almost all allow in-person voting. It is not uncommon for candidates from the Dominican Republic, for example, to open office in New York City, where about 103,000 Dominican expats back home are registered to vote.

To vote there, one must establish long-term residency and even present a national identity card. I’m not like that????progressive???? New York, where, under this new law, the same citizens of the Dominican Republic can establish voting rights by staying here just 30 days before the election. This would make it less harsh for many Dominican New Yorkers to vote under the new law here than in the country where they hold citizenship.

DR and France are hardly unique. In 2022, eligible residents can vote as a member of the New York City Council as well as the president of Brazil, the Australian parliament, or any number of elections in dozens of countries that allow expatriates to vote. This year, if the rules were in place, a person could vote for Eric Adams and London’s Sadiq Khan within weeks.

Giving in to someone whose only evidence of any bets in this town? In the midst of a global pandemic with multi-billion dollar budget deficits, rising crime and disorder, and economic uncertainty.

Do New York’s powerful unions really want people working here on temporary visas to make decisions that affect the city’s long-term debt and pension liabilities?

Do good government wince think that they are weakening the voice of 56 lakh voters of this city-??? Many of whom have waited years to become citizens???? Will more people be encouraged to participate in our democracy?

The move shows just how much contempt the far left has for New York City voters.

These are the same out-of-touch activists who have devalued citizenship and discouraged naturalization in this country by actually making New York a sanctuary city, so all immigrants commit heinous crimes without the fear of being deported, and Extended stay here. For immigrants, regardless of legal status. Ultimately it was always in his plan to grant voting privileges.

To justify this, proponents are trying to sell us on the assumption that giving them the right to vote will encourage them to become citizens. It seems counterintuitive, at best.

If the champions of this bill really care about our democracy, they will encourage immigrants to strive toward US citizenship – ???? Don’t make it cheap by giving it to the shop.

And they will raise the fundamental question about who can and can’t vote in New York City by putting this fundamental question in a ballot referendum in November.

At the very least, shouldn’t our citizens have a say in whether their votes are cast by non-citizens?

Joe Borelli is the minority leader of the New York City Council.


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