Major League Baseball and Commissioner Rob Manfred behaved in a completely “hypocritical” fashion by moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver amid resentment against Georgia’s new election law, Granthshala Sports radio host and outback founder Trey Travis is. ” Monday.

“Attributes to the senator [Marco] Rubio to call the commissioner here, Rob Manfred, for all this ridiculous hypocrisy, “said Travis, the Florida Republican’s challenge to resign as a member of the Augusta National Republic Club, host of this weekend’s Masters tournament. Travis said referring to.

Rubio wrote to Manfred, “I am under no illusion that you intend to resign as a member of Augusta National Golf Club.” “Doing so would require a personal sacrifice, as opposed to the wake-up corporate virtue signal to move the All Star Game from Atlanta.”

“There are still 81 home baseball games that are being played at the Atlanta Braves’ stadium,” Travis reported, “and said they are reportedly moving forward [the All-Star Game] In Colorado, there is actually more restrictive election law, Georgia has restrictions in their law. It is all so ridiculous, ridiculous rudeness and so depressing about it. “

The MLB All-Star Game is designed to be taken off the playground, which is different from ATLANTA: REPORTS

Travis stated that there are “so few functional minds in my industry” that the world of sports media is called “social justice activism”, which is seen in professional athletics.

“The state where you and Major League Baseball are based is New York-based, far more restrictive than Georgia,” he told guest host Pete Hegseth.

Travis said, “Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, I don’t remember him for the last 40 years.”

“These are all lies that are easily denied if people use their brains, and my industry fails from year to year, really look at the basic facts, and I think it gives sports fans Is driving you crazy. “