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netflix walk-out stunt Protests against comedian Dave Chappelle should remind Americans that the left-wing crowd thinks they can decide what is and isn’t acceptable in comedy.

Leftists implicitly believe that they are the sole arbiters of social commentary – with zero tolerance for differing opinions.



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Outkick’s Clay Travis has long denied the baseless sentiments voiced by these Walksters—understanding that they aren’t really concerned about others. They just want power and want their vision to be higher than the rest.

“We’ve entered a space where people think they’re good people to try to quash comedians and tell them what jokes they can and can’t say,” Clay said.

A counter protester talks with a protester at a rally in support of the Netflix transgender employee walkout "stand in solidarity" To protest the streaming of comedian Dave Chappelle's new comedy special, in Los Angeles, California, US October 20, 2021.

He continued, “The waking universe cannot handle disagreements of any kind. They are fully committed to the totalitarianism of their approach.”

Clay breaks down that those who see themselves as the omniscient voices of society are usually not good people by the end.

“What I would ask you is this: How often, historically, do we judge people who are unwilling to have a sense of humor in the long run by being on the right side of history? …

Dave Chappelle: The Closer.  C.  Matthew Bitton

“If you’re convinced that only your sense of humor is allowed to exist, how can you see the nuances in the world and have a weird version of yourself? … How in the world can we take on anyone? Who shows up to seriously oppose jokes? You’re spending your time opposing something that someone else might find funny.”