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Democrats continue to scrap the infrastructure bill that has “the best chance of saving the planet,” President Biden has said ahead of the COP26 climate change summit of world leaders later this month.

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The bill, which currently hangs in the balance, promises hundreds of billions in tax credits for companies that contribute to renewable energy sources or capture carbon emissions before they enter the atmosphere, as well as for Americans. A series of tax incentives for buying electric cars.

Elsewhere, the effects of climate change are having devastating effects on China’s Shanxi province, where nearly two million people have been displaced by torrential flooding. In the UK, large protests continue to block highways near the capital London, which has been softly backed by Prince Charles, who said he understood the “frustration” of the protesters.


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South African president warns of ‘health, environmental and economic risks’ due to climate crisis

Cyril Ramaphosa chose to highlight the “serious health, environmental and economic risks to our country” in his Weekly address for South Africa this morning.

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In a letter to citizens, they set out “increasingly harmful impacts on human health, water availability, food production, infrastructure and migration” as the climate crisis continues to escalate.

Many South Africans are already feeling the effects of climate change through droughts and floods, which have impacted their livelihoods. For example, many communities in Mpumalanga are affected by high levels of pollution, which exacerbates respiratory illness and other diseases. People who depend on the ocean for a living have already seen a decrease in fish stocks amid changing weather patterns and changes in ocean temperatures.

He stressed the need for the country to “meet the needs” and “transition to a decarbonized economy” for an imminent economic disaster following the impact of climate change on the country’s agricultural sector.

Greenpeace protesters ‘close down’ Downing Street


Greenpeace activists just shut down @10 Downing Street.

we gave @BorisJohnson If he approves the drilling of new oil in Cambo then he deserves a statue of his legacy.

An idol dripping in oil.#stopcombo #NoNewOil #downing street shutdown

— Greenpeace UK (@GreenpeaceUK) 11 October 2021

Europe forced to consider coal amid energy crisis

European countries have turned their arms to the natural gas crisis on the continent, forcing many to consider old-fashioned methods of energy production.

As the weather turns colder into winter, there have been warnings that countries could run out of supply, especially in cold weather, if they do not increase coal power plant activity, which many governments, including the UK, have been reluctant to. accepted as one. Possibility.

The price of natural gas on the continent has risen sharply over the past year, with the European benchmark up nearly 600 percent compared to Thursday last week.

Full Story: Gripped by energy crisis, Europe considers breaking climate promises and turning to coal

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As China’s Shanxi province grapples with the flood disaster that struck the region last week, nearly two million people have survived People (1.76 million) displaced, Dams continue to fight over an infrastructure bill that could have a major impact on the world’s carbon emissions.

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