Clock: Golden Child wins on “Show” with “Burn It”; Performances by Dreamcatcher, OneUS, CIX, and more

    The Golden Child took the first trophy for their song “Burn It”!

    In the February 2 episode of “The Show”, nominated for first place were Golden Child’s “Burn It”, Dreamcatcher’s “Odd Eye,” and Oneus’s “No Digity”. The Golden Child won with a total score of 6,769 from Dreamcatcher and 4,850 for Vanas.

    Watch the Golden Child performance and win below!

    This week’s episode also featured performances by BOYHOOD, CIX, CRAVITY, T1419, Youha, DALsooobin (Dal Shabet’s Subin), Dreamcatcher, Ahn Sung Joon, ONEUS, Jung Dong Ha, Pink Fantasy, Cherry Bullet, and Hong Eun Ki.

    Check out their performance below!

    BOYHOOD – “Luxury Big House”


    Pink Fantasy – “Lemon Candy”

    Hong Yun Ki – “On and On”

    Youha – “Abittipsy”

    Ah Sung Joon – “Mask”

    Credibility – “Huge”

    Credibility – “My Turn”

    Delsobin – “Sign”

    Cherry Bullet – “Love So Sweet”

    ONEUS – “No Dignity”

    Jung Dong Ha – “I Still Love You”

    CIX – “Young”

    109 – “Cinema”

    Dreamcatcher – “Strange Eye”

    Congratulations to the Golden Child!

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