CNN has changed its tune once again when it comes to whether it is acceptable to refer to a virus.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who called COVID-19 a “Wuhan coronavirus” before being judged by mainstream media, said on Wednesday it was claimed that she was using geographic origins to describe a variant of the virus Did not mean to “dislike South Africa”. Was just using “Easy Shorthand”.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota claimed Wednesday did not mean to “dislike South Africa” ​​by using a geographic origin to describe a variant of the virus and simply use “easy shorthand”. (Photo by Roy Rochlin / Getty Image)

Camerota referred to the latest COVID strain as the “South African version”, but “New Day” guest South African Ministerial Advisory Committee co-chairman Salim Abdul Karim dropped the words of his choice.

CNN has so far been declared as the “Wuhan Virus”, an “outrage” located in China’s area of ​​’networks’.

“Even though the virus in this particular version was first described in South Africa, it may not have actually been emitted from South Africa either. So it’s unfair to call it the ‘South African version’, it’s better to just call it by its name . ” “Karim said, regularly echoing comments made to criticize President Trump for calling the coronovirus at its original location.

Camerota replied, “You’re right,” and blamed her rhetoric at the facility.

“Absolutely, you’re right, I don’t mean to dislike South Africa, it’s just an easy job, but I know doctors don’t like it,” Camerota said.

Mainstream media spent months Condemn Trump and his supporters regularly mention COVID-19 as a Chinese virus. However, CNN initially called it “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese coronavirus” before arriving in the United States. At the time, the Media Research Center produced several CNN anchors and journalists – including Camerota – referring to the names they would eventually denote.


Once Trump started calling COVID by CNN popular nicknames, the media abruptly changed its plot. Last March, then-CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta also insisted on Trump’s language, “destroying xenophobia as a lot of Americans would come to it” because he said coronavirus came from a foreign source .

Acosta was blasted as a hypocrite when it was reported that he referred to it as “Wuhan Coronavirus”, just weeks before Trump used a similar shorthand.

CNN also Published a story In January 2020, the headlines came in, “Detectives of the disease succumbed to more information about Wuhan Coronavirus’s’ Super Spreader,” in which the network’s senior medical correspondent used the word “Wuhan” a dozen times.

Weeks later, CNN began reporting that Trump’s rhetoric leads to bigotry against Asian Americans.

“CNN has determined that the name is incorrect and is considered stigmatizing,” CNN reported In March 2020.

It appears that Camerota did not receive the memo.

Granthshala News’ Joseph A. Woolfonh contributed to this report.