‘Cobra Kai’ Star Martin Kove Didn’t Even Recognize This ‘Karate Kid Part III’ Star Today

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karate kid The series feels like a family. cobra moss Bringing back characters for the show has certainly drawn on every corner of the film franchise. It stars Thomas Ian Griffith, who will play Terry Silver again in Season 4. The family has short memories, it seems. prior to cobra moss, Griffith recalled running into a gaudy Martin Cove.

LR: William Zabka and Martin Cove | Netflix
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“I don’t know exactly what it was,” Griffith told the Cobra Kai Companion podcast on July 30. “It was some event. I think we were having dinner at one place and there was an event upstairs or something. Somebody said, ‘Oh, people karate boy are above.'”

That was all Griffith needed to hear. Karate Kid Part III Silver as one of John Craze’s (Cove) friends from the Vietnam War. After Cobra Kai’s defeat at the All-Valley Karate Tournament in the original film, Silver enlists the help of Craze to seek revenge on Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). Silver offered to coach Daniels to fight Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) at a later tournament, but Barnes was actually on Cobra Kai’s team.


“My wife and I walked upstairs and I saw Sean and Marty,” Griffith said. “They were standing there. I walked over and I said, ‘Hey, is this a karate boy Reunion?’ They looked at me, both of them, and I had no idea who I was. “

Given, Karate Kid Part III came out in 1989. Griffith kept his hair long for a while, but people change over time.

The Karate Kid Part III actor Thomas Ian Griffith walks the red carpet in 1993
Thomas Ian Griffith | Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images
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“I’m going, ‘Wow, I look like hell’ because I had white hair or I had a beard,” Griffith said. “Whatever it was, it took them a second. It was like, ‘Guys, don’t let me kick your ass here. Come on.’ Then of course they dropped it. They’re both fantastic and we had fun. It was a social event. When I first walked upstairs, I think [they thought] A fan was coming behind him and he was like, ‘Go away man.’

The bond deepened as Kanan was hurt Karate Kid Part III. The cobra moss clung together and rallied around it.

“It could have been the last sequence of Karate Kid III But I remember he was hurt or bruised and was not able to do any physical stuff,” Griffith said. “So I guess he had to work around it. I think there were a lot of other things to do that we shot. Then when he could come back, they put him back into work. That last one There was a lot of fight choreography to her in the sequence.”

LR: Sean Kanan and Martin Cove | Albert L. Ortega / WireImage

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an unsung part of Karate Kid Part III The family was Fumio Demura. Demura was a stuntman who doubled as Morita for intense martial arts scenes. Griffith had to work with Demura for Silver’s fight with Miyagi.

“Comes Pat Morita he had this amazing martial art [double] Fumio Demura, incredibly Japanese style karate guy,” Griffith said. “I do fight choreography with Pat and then I get over there and this guy is trying to kill me. Man, man, I’m so hurt. Okay, we’re upping our game. I guess That he’s got some really cool stuff. He’s the sweetest guy but an incredible martial artist I respect and I love. I respond to that stuff. So knowing that I get to work with such a person Got it, it was great.”

cobra moss Season 4 will premiere on Netflix in December.

Source: Cobra Kai Company Podcast

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