College degree is now ‘life and death,’ says Nobel Prize winners

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Two Nobel laureates have argued that having a college degree is now a determinant of “life and death” for many Americans, as mortality rates worsen among non-Hispanic whites.

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Angus Deaton and his wife, Anne Case, who are both professors at Princeton University and who were awarded the 2015 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, argue that a degree is now the deciding factor for mortality.

speak with market inspectionDeaton said the two found through research at Princeton University that having a form of higher education was a bigger indicator for a longer life than being black, white or Hispanic.


In fact, Mr. Deaton found that the death rate between black and non-Hispanic whites was not only slowly eroding, but was even lower than the gap between those with or without a college degree.

Their research, a preliminary draft of which was published this month, said that “by 2019, the gap in life expectancy at age 25 with and without a BA (Bachelor of Arts) had increased to 6.3 years”.

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As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) met In 2018, the difference in life expectancy between non-Hispanic white and black Americans at age 25 was 2.9 years — almost half for having or not having four years of college education.

It was 79.5 for non-Hispanic whites, 82.7 for Hispanics, and 76.4 for black Americans.

Mr Deaton said the pay for Americans without college degrees was one reason why life expectancy was lower than for those without higher education.

“We’ve already talked about the fact that the death rate is going up for people without BA and going down for people with BA,” said the Nobel laureate. “It seems like a matter of life and death to me”.

“And again, the trouble is not that the guys at the top are doing really well, but that the average salary for men without a BA has fallen for 50 years.”

A 2017 report from the US Department of Education met That the difference between having a college education and not having one was about $18,000 ($13,000) per year in terms of median salary.

Mr Deaton, highlighting that nearly two-thirds of Americans are not college educated, reportedly warned in the report that the current economic model “wasn’t delivering for the majority of Americans.”

“It’s an outrage,” he said in the interview market inspection. “It’s not that there are some people who didn’t do very well. It’s two-thirds of the population who don’t have a college degree and that’s unnecessary.”

“BA has become a condition of honorable work and self-respect. he is terrible; It is not for BA,” he said.

Mr Deaton’s remarks come a week after Democrats failed to unite behind a trillion-dollar figure for Joe Biden’s social spending proposals, also known as his “Build Back Better” agenda.

The final spending bill will likely do without funding for many health care provisions and poverty reduction, as centrist Democrats and Republicans have refused to spend $3.5 trillion on the bill.

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