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The cost of overcrowding isn’t expected to hit Manhattan until 2023, but people already have a lot to say about it.


tuesday night virtual meeting, commuters from the northern suburbs got a chance to heed a plan that would impose tolls on vehicles entering the Central Business District below 60th Street. Those who live in Rockland County argue that they do not have the option of a one-seat train commuting into the city and, therefore, will be unfairly penalized for driving.

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Proponents argue that the toll would discourage unnecessary car trips and provide a consistent revenue stream to the MTA.

The state legislature approved congestion pricing in 2019. The MTA is in the middle of a 16-month review process, which includes 10 public meetings, focusing on areas that will be affected by congestion pricing.

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The agency said it expects E-ZPass users to be charged between $9 and $23 once daily to enter Manhattan. There will be exemptions for emergency vehicles and those carrying people with disabilities. Also, cars that stay on FDR Drive and West Side Highway and do not exit on local roads will not have to pay.

MTA will organize another public meeting tonight in which people can express their opinion.