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Several congressmen, including members of both political parties, were denied access to Afghan refugees at Al Udeed Air Base in Qatar, Republican California Representative Darrell Issa told Granthshala News.

Issa told Granthshala News in a phone call on Thursday that she was “disappointed that the administration decided to deny us monitoring of the refugees remaining here or any actual access to these centers.”


Issa’s office said they began contacting US Central Command (CENTCOM) and the US embassy in Qatar for travel back in September, but learned only this week that they would be denied access to refugees.

“Nobody said there would be a problem with DoD until we were here and then they started talking about how they were in the final stages and they didn’t have the resources, basically they don’t want to.” were that we would meet the refugees and hear their stories,” Issa said.

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The congressman said that his fellow Californian, Democratic Rep. Lu Korea was among those in attendance.

“There are tens of thousands of Afghans brought into this country, that the administration flew over here, and they have no idea who they are. Now, they’re setting up a refugee camp on a US military base, and they don’t want us to know Who are they,” an Issa employee told Granthshala News.

Republicans have raised serious concerns in recent weeks about the Biden administration’s investigation into Afghan refugees. Those concerns only intensified after two Afghan men were arrested, one for sex crimes with a minor and the other for domestic abuse.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Meyerkas revealed last month that only 3% of the more than 60,000 Afghan evacuees brought to the United States after the end of the war in Afghanistan are recipients of special immigrant visas.

“About 6 percent are lawful permanent residents. About 3 percent are individuals who are obtaining special immigrant visas,” Meyerkas said during congressional testimony at the time.

A CENTCOM spokesperson did not return Granthshala News’ request for comment as of press time.

Granthshala News’ Michael Lee contributed reporting.