The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is set to issue guidelines on how to safely reopen schools nationwide next week, but some Republican lawmakers are disappointed that the Biden administration has not taken more decisive action.

President Biden promised to reopen the schools within his first 100 days, telling Americans that they would “listen to the scientists.”

But the new york republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, wants the White House to tell teachers that teachers should feel safe going back to the classroom, due to lower transmission rates among younger students.

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“It would be very useful if the president and first lady would be ready to intervene here and try to encourage America’s teachers to return to classrooms,” Malliotakis told Granthshala News’ John Scott Saturday. “I can tell you that, the teachers I speak with in New York City and many of those who work in our schools want to get back to work and parents definitely want to bring their children back to class Huh.”

But congressional confidence in the teacher’s determination to return to in-training is contrary to the battle that is playing out in the Chicago public school system.

The Chicago Teachers Association took to Twitter on Friday to say that their demands for teachers to return safely to the classroom have not been met by city officials – prompting some teachers to threaten to refuse to appear in person .

Concern over the use of vaccines for students’ swaths and exposing teachers to the nation’s third largest school district, many are worried that they might transmit the deadly coronavirus to vulnerable loved ones at home.

But Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued an ultimatum stating to the teachers union that if teachers refuse for in-teaching teaching on Monday, they would be considered absent without leave and would be terminated – leading to the city Teachers may strike. On their hands.

Lightfoot has not said whether she will abide by her threat or not, instead she said talks were going on in a statement on Saturday.

“The parties have been in discussion all day to determine whether there is a way toward a final, comprehensive deal,” she said. “Those discussions continue.”

But while the Biden administration is still silent on how to reopen the schools, leading them from the CDC, some Republicans believe that pulling out the coronovirus epidemic is a political ploy.

“What we are seeing from our elected leaders is they want to follow the silence only when it fits their statement and is politically expedient for them,” Malliotkis said on Saturday. “You’re seeing it on the education front with President Biden and you’re seeing it, too, with the reopening of our restaurant in New York City.”

CDC director Rochelle Wallensky told reporters earlier this week that vaccines are not required to bring teachers back into the classroom.

Valensky said during a press briefing on Wednesday, “There is increasing data to suggest that schools can reopen safely and not to suggest safe reopening to reopen teachers safely Vaccination is required. ” “Vaccination of teachers is not a condition for the safe reopening of schools.”

But even though the teacher agrees to return to in-person training without receiving the vaccine, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned in January that achieving this goal “might be” because of unforeseen circumstances.

Vaccine outreach is ultimately a crutch for the school debate to resume, forcing MPs to realize that the public does not want to return to normalcy until widespread vaccination is in place.

“We should be focused on increasing supply, who wants to take the person who is getting that vaccination. And we need to reopen this economy,” Malliotkis told Granthshala News. “And I don’t see that balanced approach and keep advocating it.”