Conor McGregor ‘ahead of schedule’ in recovery from horrific UFC 264 leg break

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Conor McGregor recovers ‘prematurely’ from broken leg at UFC 264.

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Prior to promotion, the simultaneous two-weight world champion shattered his left tibia and fibula in a July trio fight with Dustin Poirier.

Conor McGregor breaks his left leg in UFC 264 trilogy fight with Dustin Poiriercredit: Reuters
But The Notorious resumed physical training just a few weeks after the surgery.

But The Notorious resumed physical training just weeks after the surgery.CREDITS: [email protected]
UFC poster boy resumes standing weight training

UFC poster boy resumes standing weight trainingCREDITS: [email protected]
And Irishman manager Audi Attar reveals his recovery is ahead of schedule

And Irishman manager Audi Attar reveals his recovery is ahead of schedulecredit: AP

But the Irishman is already on his feet and back in gym training, although he has yet to kick off.


And manager Audi Attar believes the infamous is likely to return earlier than doctors anticipated.

Paradigm Sports Management told SunSport: “He is premature.

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“We not only got our X-ray results [back]handjob [we got] Our ultrasound results and CT scan results.

“And when I look at the X-ray scene myself, it’s healing so beautifully.

“He’s only 10 and a half weeks away from surgery and he’s running.


“And he’s really doing that we don’t want him to throw the first pitch in a Cubs game.”

Fans of Ireland’s first UFC champion had their hearts in their mouths when they watched the 33-year-old put all his body weight on his injured leg before his wayward pitch.

Attar was one of those worried, laughing as he said: “It wasn’t meant to be, ill-advised and don’t do it.

“But the competitor he is here is donating his time, energy and resources to sponsor some of the kids who are coming from an underprivileged community.

“But he is so competitive that he sees that both throw a pitch and the competitive bug bites him a bit.

“Against all the advice of the doctor, he threw the first pitch.

“As he dubbed it ‘the most devastating pitch in Major League Baseball history.’ But he enjoyed doing it.”

The positive from the viral pitch was that McGregor’s leg bore his entire weight and he showed no signs of discomfort.

he is ahead of time

Conor McGregor’s Manager, Audi Ataro

Attar said: “When you look at what he did in terms of putting his weight on that one leg, people don’t really realize [the significance]. They forget what happened.

“At the time, it had been ten weeks from surgery after a devastating injury and he is putting all his weight on the leg.

“And, by the way, he threw a baseball for the first time.

“He had never even touched a baseball. So not only was it the first time he touched a baseball, but the first time he threw a baseball.

“And on the leg that he shouldn’t put that type of pressure on him for ten weeks after surgery.”

Fan favorite McGregor, the poster boy of the UFC, recently admitted that he was struggling during the early stages of his ongoing recovery.

But the former feather and lightweight champion is in a good place as he closes in on a faster than anticipated return.

Conor McGregor throws the first pitch in the recent Chicago Cub clash with the Minnesota Vikings

Conor McGregor throws the first pitch in the recent Chicago Cub clash with the Minnesota Vikingscredit: AP

Attar said: “All fun aside, he’s just in a good position. He’s in a good position.

“One thing I try to tell Connor is, ‘You’ve already earned your legacy. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.’

“‘Financially, you’ll never have to struggle again in your life. Because we’ve built amazing businesses.’

“He is an entrepreneur and we continue to not only set the example but set the way forward for all athletes. Not just MMA athletes, but all athletes.”

July 2022 is the earliest McGregor is expected to make his eagerly anticipated return to the Octagon, in which he will bounce back from consecutive defeats to Poirier.

And Dublin’s pride is hell bent on erasing the memory of his last outing the next time he sets foot inside the cage.

Attar said: “He’s so competitive, man. He’s like, ‘I’m not thinking about the UFC.

“‘Whatever. I’m not thinking about fighting. But I’m going to go back there.’

“So if the first pitch is any indication of what might be, God willing that the healing process continues on a straight path, he’s going to come out there and continue to compete.

“Because he wants to leave on his own terms. Not on the terms that were dealt with in his last fight.”

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Conor McGregor does grueling training while wearing protective boot on broken leg as UFC star performs weighted pull-ups

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