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A massive police response rallied outside the US Capitol on Saturday morning to congratulate a group of right-wing protesters, who insist their afternoon demonstration will not descend into violence.

At a “Justice for J6” rally in Washington, DC, advocates plan to condemn the “inhuman treatment” of dozens of January 6 rioters who are still in prison while awaiting trial months away.


Two hours before the rally, a fleet of District of Columbia-owned dump trucks lined the streets of the city to keep them away from the wandering protesters, and an olive-green Humvee from neighboring Prince George’s County, Maryland, lined the Capitol’s side. Posted outside the Botanical Garden. Conservatory.

Capital Police gears up for ‘Justice for J6’ rally in support of Jan. 6 alleged rioters

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Counter-protesters arrived early, carrying giant flags in support of Black Lives Matter and trans rights, and a banner that read “Loser” mimicking Trump’s signature campaign branding. A hand-written sign identified the bearer as a “proud Antifa scum”.

Capitol police, alarmed by a repeat of January’s chaos that led to five deaths, this week requested reinforcements from the Pentagon to prevent any attacks by rallyers. A company of 100 National Guard soldiers was expected to patrol the event.

On Wednesday, federal activists reinstalled the long, black security fence they removed in July.

“We’ve collaborated with the Capitol Police, the Park Police, the Metropolitan Police,” Matt Brainard of Look Ahead America, the rally’s main sponsor, told Granthshala 5 this week. “We’ve got … a diplomatic security team to help smooth the incident.”

The group issued a statement on Friday “condemning political violence in all its forms, particularly the violence on 6 January.”

“This is a rally in support of those who have been charged with nonviolent crimes to protest the unequal treatment of them by the Justice Department and the judiciary,” the statement said.

Capitol Police arrested with knife in swatsitka-dyed truck near DNC headquarters in Washington

Brainard’s group claims that 67 of the 595 people who have been charged with assault, obstruction, trespassing and other offenses in connection with the Capitol incursions remain behind bars – many in solitary confinement – ​​because of their trial dates. There are frequent delays.

Two GOP congressional candidates — Joe Kent of Washington state and Mike Collins of Georgia — prepared to address the crowd.

Bryanard, a former Trump campaign strategist who boosted his public profile with allegations of voting discrepancies during the 2020 presidential election, instructed rallyers not to bring any political gear — either by former President Donald Trump. In favor of or against President Biden – the event.

“Anyone who does not honor this request will be considered an intruder,” he tweeted this week.

Trump on Thursday dismissed the demonstration as “a setup.”

“If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, that’s lack of spirit,'” he told The Federalist. “And if people show up they will be harassed.”

But he also expressed support for “wrongful persecution of people related to the January 6 protest”. in a statement Released this week by their Save America PAC.

“Apart from everything else, it has been conclusively proven that we are a two-tier system of justice,” Trump wrote. “However, in the end, justice will prevail!”

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