Councillors call for NHS trust bosses to resign over maternity scandal

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Senior managers of the NHS trust are facing calls from local councillors to resign after criticism of the trust’s culture and widespread bullying.

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The chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s health screening panel has called on Eric Morton, chairman of the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, to step down along with the trust’s medical director, Keith Garling.

Sue Saddington, chairperson of the council’s scrutiny committee, said she would write to Health Secretary Sajid Javid on concerns about leadership in the trust.


Earlier, an investigation by The Granthshala and Channel 4 News uncovered dozens of cases of child deaths and injuries due to negligence, worth millions of pounds. The families have accused the trust of trying to hide mistakes and learning from mistakes.

Over 30 children have died in the trust and 46 children have suffered brain damage in the past decade.

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The trust is facing an independent review of its maternity services, which still have significant staff vacancies.

The trust’s chief executive officer, Tracy Taylor, resigned last month as a result of the consequences of the spread of COVID-19.

The Care Quality Commission has criticized the trust for what it said was widespread bullying by senior managers.

At a meeting of the council’s scrutiny panel this week, councilors criticized the lack of reform and said the trust should face public scrutiny.

Many councilors told personal stories of their own experiences of maternity service.

Councilor Michelle Welsh said she had spoken to fathers who were left without access to food or sleep for hours after the stillbirth. He said: “They have resorted to sleeping on the ledges of the window.” He urged the council to write a letter to the health secretary.

Councilor Johno Lee told the meeting that his daughter had almost died after an emergency birth.

He said: “We were harassed by the hospital staff to make sure we weren’t going to sue, but we were happy to have our daughter alive.

“A few years later, my son was born healthy and my wife had to undergo emergency surgery, during which she nearly died, and was re-accepted.

“My little boy and I were left alone for two hours. No food was given. I’m getting a lot of crosses from the hospital and the leadership about the constant mistakes and they’re not learning from their mistakes. Getting to know the leadership needed.”

Clare Saddington told the meeting: “This committee is very concerned about maternity services at NUH and its leadership in particular. We need to fully understand what is going wrong and why progress is not being made.

“The senior leadership team is presiding over a maternity unit in crisis. I think the former leadership team should go. We can’t sit here any longer and let this continue. We’ll go to the Secretary of State instead of sitting here like a burden.” Will write. Puppet waiting for something to happen.”

In a statement after the meeting she said she believed both Mr. Morton and Dr. Garling should stand down, adding: “The senior leadership team is presiding over a maternity unit in crisis. This is a damaging The report is there and I hold the leadership team fully responsible which was there before June 2021.

The trust’s new chief nurse Michelle Rhodes, who joined in June this year, said 20 new midwives have been recruited and will be in position by the end of January, along with four new obstetricians.

She said: “After the last two years the staff is exhausted and the morale is really low. We are working hard to keep women and children safe.

“We recognize that we still have a lot of progress to make to ensure that our maternity service is providing the best possible care for women and their children.

“We are wholeheartedly committed to improving and sustaining and although we have more work to do, we are seeing some areas of change and improvement.”


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