Couple find chihuahua in their suitcase after it stowed away for trip to Las Vegas

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A Texas couple discovered that their pet Chihuahua had attempted to join them on vacation by tucking away in their suitcases while trying to check their luggage at the airport.

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Jared and Christy Owens were traveling to Las Vegas in late September when they were told their bags were too heavy.

Jared and Christy Owens were on their way to Las Vegas when they realized they had an extra passenger.


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Jared and Christy Owens were on their way to Las Vegas when they realized they had an extra passenger.

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“They put it on the scale and this bag is basically like five, five and a half pounds overweight. Really quick we’re like, ‘Oh, we have to rearrange some stuff,’ Mr. Owens said. KCBD.

“Opens it and literally, our dog is coming out of my boot, coming out of my boot and biting his head.”

Mr Owens said the Chihuahua, known as Iki, prefers to bury himself in inaccessible places.

“She’s buggered, that’s what she does. She buries into clothes, she buries in, apparently suitcases now,” he said.

“You know it’s going to be an epic trip to Vegas when you get to the airport to check your bags… 6lbs by weight, and a Chihuahua pops out of your boot!! Unreal!” He wrote on Facebook.

He also posted photos of Southwest Airlines agent Cathy Cook holding a Chihuahua, still half-buried in cowboy boots.

Luckily for the couple, Ms Cook offered to take care of the puppy while they were on vacation.

“‘Let the drunkenness begin!! Shout out to Kathy for her great customer service with #southwestairlines!! She offered to watch Icky until we get back!! Let’s go!!” Mr Owens wrote.

He told KCBD: “They’ve got an employee’s cat at Cathy. She went above and beyond and never made us feel like, you know, they could have turned us into saying we were a dog in Vegas or something. were trying to smuggle.

“Thank god we found this dog because you must have arrived in Vegas and you probably have a dead animal in your bag.”

There was no harm to Ikki and now she is back with her family.

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